Day 11 – Lake Como

We are just over the half way mark. Day 11 draws to a close and we’ll be home in another 9 days after having added Lucca, Pisa, Florence and others to the growing list of photos – up to 464 so far (not counting the ones posted here) and a few videos.

Bellagio, done! To quote Gordon Ramsay. Small town. Lake Como almost done as well. Took a horribly long boat trip all the way to the top and back today. A few good looking towns dotted around. We got out at Piona to see the old monastery and visit the Como equivalent of Lourdes. Can’t say it has helped my aching feet, yet.

Here’s a laugh, we managed to spend €115 on dinner tonight so the curse of Venice has followed us here! The good news is that apart from Florence, I think our days of high cost are over. Having said that, I budgeted €150 per day spending, not including hotels or gifts and having just checked my wallet I find we are exactly, precisely to the nearest Euro, on budget!

Forgive me going on about the costs but I’m assuming it is of interest to anyone thinking of making a similar trip and it’s always good to make comparisons. I’m not hung up about it but I do like to know where we stand so we can make informed decisions about things like the €100 boat trip to have cocktails in the garden of some fancy lakeside villa. A trip we didn’t take, even if the nice Australian lady did allow us to lie about Zosia’s age and pretend she was a tall 4yr old.

We haven’t seen George Clooney yet although he has been known to frequent the winebar/internet cafe on the next street to our hotel. Perhaps he doesn’t know we’re here?

I checked on the Villa Serbelloni hotel and €500 a night will get you a room with a view of the dumpsters. For the better rooms you need about €1,500 a night plus all the extras! Seems busy though.

The hotel we are in has been owned by the same family since 1920. The current owner, Giacomo, used to have a business making high pressure hoses for people like Caterpillar and JCB until the Chinese made them for less than he was paying for the metal. At that point he decided to re-open the hotel, which had been closed for 30 years. It needs investment and more staff. The only people we’ve seen, apart from the cleaners, are family – father, mother and two sons. You could really do a lot with this place but it needs a business plan and investment. Perhaps one of the sons will take that leap. Either that or sell it, must be worth a fortune as it’s a big place on a good sized plot considering where it is.

Better go, time for bed!

4 thoughts on “Day 11 – Lake Como

  1. ok, so wait for Florence. I believe the Venice curse will be bitten there!
    so far so good. don’t you need some rest? this holiday seem to be more busy then work ;)

  2. Lucky you, Lucca is lovely. I didn’t make it there this year :(
    In Pisa, avoid eating near the Campo dei Miracoli if you want to avoid being fleeced for rubbish tourist food.
    And in Florence, there’s an awesome tiny cellar restaurant just off Piazza Duomo… now if only I could remember the name :)
    You could also get sandwiches and wine from the Fratellini just off the Porcellino market, really good value, and amazing wine ;)

  3. Looks great! I’ve never been to any of these places, but it looks like its been a really good road trip. I have been to Pisa though – let us know what your first impressions of the tower are. I thought it was going to be taller!

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