Lake Como, Bellagio

The hoped for fresh air is not here, I think we’d have to go back to the alps for that. Here is 33C+ and humid, perhaps not as bad as Venice though and with less need to be walking all over the place.

First hiccup in the planning has occurred with this hotel not having a room ready for us. It’s a family run place with a weird computer system. In our email exchanges I was told to send card details to confirm the booking. It did this and thought all was well. However, it seems a “voucher number” was the most important thing and we were never sent a voucher. Hence, we had no room! It has been sorted by us all sleeping in one bed tonight and then moving to the proper room tomorrow. I suppose something like this was bound to happen.

Journey from Venice to Milan was easy 2hrs at 160+ on the Autostrada #4. From there to Bellagio not so easy with narrow winding roads so it took another hour for relatively small distance.

Finding a petrol station that was open was a challenge and finding one with people as opposed to machines was almost impossible but we managed it in the end and gave the car a wash too, which made him very happy.

Bellagio is a small place so we should have a relaxing time. Plenty of cute narrow streets full of trendy shops though, which could be a problem. Our hotel is right in the middle of all the small streets and the whole “old town” is restricted access for cars making it slightly awkward with parking and luggage but the location is a good base for exploration.

The ‘jet set’ stay at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, almost next door to us, but at €500 a night I thought we’d skip it this time. Perhaps when the book’s published.

We are here for two full days more and I think we have to walk the town, again but more slowly, a couple of boat trips and find somewhere to swim in the lake.

More tomorrow I expect.

One thought on “Lake Como, Bellagio

  1. If there is one thing about Italy, then it’s that is doesn’t really do to rush about.
    Iza and I did a similar tour some years ago and the next time we visited Italy we went to one place and made excursions from there. Heartily recommended! Hugs to all, A, I & O.
    p.s. Let’s see some pics of the weary travellers :)

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