It’s hot here, hot and sticky! A big climate change versus the alpine air we left behind in Austria.

The journey took exactly 6 hrs driving time door to door, although the door at this end was the San Marco garage, which was followed by a vaporetto ride and then a 15 minute walk in the heat with a three ton bag. The journey’s highlight was a strange junction with the A10 motorway that forced us to go 28km north before we could do a u-turn and head south, to Italy. Wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t for the massive queue of traffic on that 28km north-bound stretch thanks to all the people returning home to Czech, France and Germany. Added at least 45 minutes to the journey time!

Still, the hotel makes up for the hassle. It is an amazing place. A very well renovated palace with a square on one side and a canal on the other. The room is magnificent, must be a 6m high ceiling with painted beams, fabric covered walls, the whole shebang. The hotel is a very good example of modern design within a historical building.

We took a walk to San Marco square this evening and tried a recommended restaurant on the way. Dinner here cost €100, at least 30% up from Austria. Tomorrow will be sandwiches and pizza by the slice!

The Bridge of Sighs looks just dreadful right now. I don’t know if it is rampant commercialism or a horrid way to cover up renovation works but the entire view is of giant adverts left, right, top and bottom with a tiny bit of disjointed bridge peeking out. There’s a picture below.

Other pictures are views from both sides of hotel, a shop window and the room.

More later. I need sleep!

3 thoughts on “Venice

  1. Exactly my thought. I’ve subsequently worked out that “Coin” is a pretty naff department store.

    I’ve also, today, walked across the bridge and got a shot looking the other way though those tiny grilled windows. It’s on the proper camera though.

  2. Sounds great on one hand, but also like there’s a constant need to “do” things, which can be tiring. Please more pics of that great hotel for us to see (maybe Euro2012 hoteliers can take example).

    Where is that sighs pic taken? Is it water down below and ads instead of houses? Warsaw still is bad, there are ads here even is there is no renovation underneath:)

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