Day 5 (I think)

Gotta love these roads. They wind their way around the very many hills so precious few straight parts for schnellenovertaken. When you finally find a chance to pass the car transporter you find signs reducing the speed and verboten overtaken! Even if you do manage it there is much flashing of lights and general “du bist einen Polishen idioten” going on! Po prostu, ze Austrians do not want any overtaking messing up their countryside.

Wieliczka beats the Austrian salt mine hands down. The best their chapel had to offer was a well preserved painting, no carvings in the walls or anything of much interest.

Interesting story of hiding art treasures in the mine during the war. One of which, the Cowper Madonna (I think that’s what it is commonly called), we saw hanging in Vienna. Makes a nice artistic link from one place to the next. Must check the history of that painting, did the Nazis steal it? If so, who from and why have the Austrians got it now.

Best meal in Austria so far on a lovely terrace overlooking Wolfgangsee. €71 for three soups, two mains, two deserts, bottle of water, tea and coffee. Amazing how the view can go from expansive to zero when a rain storm comes in. One minute you’re admiring the mountains on the far side of the lake, the next you can’t even see the far shore.

Did the Loser panoramic road as well today, another €15 to drive up to about 1,700m. Pretty good apart from paying to exit. Automat only took Austrian cards or notes from 20 down. All I had was 50 or 100 and Polish cards! Pressed the “hilfe” button and within 5 minutes someone had driven up from town with change for a 50. Now that’s what I call service!

Tomorrow we’ll be making fools of ourselves in the hotel laundry, hopefully catching a horse and carriage ride in the countryside and swimming. Saturday we leave for Venice where it seems we will be meeting up with friends.


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