(Supposed to have been published this morning but I can’t see it. Not sure this email thing works 100%)

Scanning the leaflet “Attractions-Highlights 2009” for the Salzkammergut region shows we are not short of thrilling things to do:

Calibration unit, Collection of historical sewing machines, Loser panoramic road, Lumber jacks museum, Ahamer’s lederhosen atelier, Catholic church, The BTM Universe of Warmth, History and the Police…. and many others!

We’re actually going up the loser’s road today, just after seeing Austria’s answer to Wieliczka.

National costume can be confusing. Quite a few people wear it here as a part of daily life but if you’re not used to it there’s a danger of calling over Frau Himmelfart and telling her you’d like a beer or confusing Herr von Steinbacken for the tour guide! All very embarrassing.

I realise this place reminds me a lot of Norway. Both give the impression of being very well kept private clubs. The difference between these countries and others is quite striking. Imagine swapping populations, staggeringly unimaginable thought really.

I can see better now why the Germans think Bavaria is another country. It is much closer to being Austrian, whereas Berlin is closer to London or another cosmopolitan, busy, messy, city.

Anyway, must get off an see some sights.



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