As the title demonstrates I have finally worked out where we are! There’s a map below for reference.

It is a stunning location. Not sure we would want to be here longer than the 4 nights planned but very glad we included it in the itinerary.

The place is incredibly well organised, for example there’s a shopping basket in each room for popping to the grocers, a brush outside each building for cleaning your boots, you can order fresh bread rolls to be delivered to your room for breakfast….nothing is overlooked.

The entire country looks like it was shooting for the gold medal in olympic spring cleaning and won by a mile. I’m spending a lot of time finding appropriate places for dog-ends.

Paddled in the lake today. Cold at first but warms up nicely. A fair number of hardy swimmers and the water is so clean you could probably drink it.

Wonderful fishmongers close to the hotel. Again, it is spotless and the fish are straight from the lake. Small fish restaurant opposite in a wooden hut on stilts in the lake. Definitely be trying that before we leave.

Took a boat trip to the far end of the lake and back today. Thirty minutes each way and €30 for the tickets. The other end is home to many tents, caravans and mobile homes, primarily Germans. Not all that interesting so we didn’t hang around long.

Enjoying a beer now while Zosia is in the kids club. Getting moaned at now so must go!


3 thoughts on “Saltzkammergut

  1. I’ve a mate who lives in Switzerland. When he left his rental house he had to clean the electrical sockets until pristine gloss White or he’d lose part of his deposit! Looks a lovely place to be. Love to go back – not been there since I was 15.

  2. I was impressed with Austrian countryside as well, coming back home from our Tuscany trip. This is amazing, it looks like a real Milka ads ;) Enjoy every moment of this. Italy, despite being very beautiful is nothing like this (especially in mentioned olympic game ;)

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