Days 2 & 3 – Vienna

We’re in the hotel room as a thunderstorm rages outside. It is nice to be in an air-conditioned room because it’s been a long, hot stuffy day. Tomorrow promises to be clearer and cooler.

We’ve done today-

Freud museum – okay but we are sure the London one will be better.

Tram around the ring – absolutely no sign of the half hourly “ring tram” to be operating from April 9th so we made it up as we went along with numbers 1, 2 and D, or was it 0?

Prater – for a fan of the film “The Third Man” (and Graham Greene) the big wheel had to be done. Won Zosia a toy by doing my Robin Hood impression with bow and arrow. Marta had scary time in the House of Horrors. Otherwise it’s all a bit tacky.

Hundertwasser – well, this is the Gaudi of Vienna. Interesting but not to spend much time there.

Natural History Museum – these Austrians like collecting things! Forget interactive, what you’ve got is row upon row of stuff – rocks, stuffed animals, insects, fossils, pickled snakes…… Over 2 million items and I saw every one! One display was stuffed with hundreds of skewered ladybirds with different colours and number of dots. Amazing.

Hofburg Imperial Palace – I got the message, the guy was a rich and spoilt brat. Just how many gold candelabras does any family need? Noise of too many tourists on squeaky ancient wooden flooring is deafening! Hot as hell in there.

Then another dinner, Italian this time. If you’re going to dine inside the ring, we paid €60-80 for the three of us, no wine, based on two meals. It looks like you can get that down by about €10-30 by eating just outside the ring.

Vienna is a very “Imperial” city. Large impressive buildings everywhere and all well looked after. Not too crowded and pretty easy to navigate. A little pricey perhaps, our €150 a day budget might be tested here with the meal cost plus €30-50 every time you visit anywhere.

Tomorrow morning we’re doing the Kunsthistorishes Museum (was closed today) and the NaschtMarkt (sp?). Then we head off into the Austrian countryside from where I will report next.


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