The “20east” Grand Tour

The Grand Tour was the traditional travel of Europe undertaken by mainly upper-class European young men of means. The custom flourished from about 1660 until the advent of large-scale rail transit in the 1840s. So goes the introduction in Wikipedia. I can’t claim to be “upper-class”, nor to be young other than “at heart” and as for being “of means”, well. Still, we won’t let that stop us, will we!


I say, Jeeves, be careful with those bags!

We will be loading up the Passat and setting off at the weekend for a three week “Grand Tour” of our own. We’ll actually be taking in a fair percentage of the places included in the original C18th itinerary so it should be fun, busy, educational and hopefully relaxing at the same time.

As I’ll undoubtedly be suffering badly with blog withdrawal symptoms I have at least half an intention to keep in touch, albeit in a little one-sided manner, using the “post by Email” system provided by WordPress. The only computronic device I want to have available at all times will be my Blackberry and from this I can send mails with pictures attached which end up as a post in here. I just tested it and it worked so subject to their being no technical glitches through roaming on foreign networks we should be okay. I will be able to read comments via the complicated route of – comment – mail to personal address – forwarded to work address – pushed to Blackberry! I won’t be able to reply to comments though as there is no route back the other way. Prize for the wittiest ‘Grand Tour’ comment perhaps? ;)

This “post by Email” is an excellent system and I just wish I’d found it before I started buggering around with Twitter. Now I’ve found this, Twatter is a thing of the past, thank goodness, it’s full of bugs, nothing works, won’t register my phone number, can’t log into TwitMail absolutely useless. Anyway, twits are history, hallelujah!

If you just want to catch up with all the Grand Tour posts you can click the rather obviously named Topic over on the right.

I have absolutely no idea what will catch my eye. There will surely be a collection of obvious ones but I hope to be able to do a little better than that at least some of the time. The picture quality is pretty ropey as it is only 3.2 wongypixels and I’m using the smallest size so as not to alarm my IT department with roaming data transfer volumes.

And so, assuming I actually remember to do it, I hope you enjoy it.

PS – as this is a public forum, anyone thinking of popping round our place and blagging the Hi-Fi while we’re out ought to know that it will still be occupied by an assortment of relatives and other casual acquaintances (some of them quite nasty) for the duration of our tour. Sorry about that but someone has to feed the cat!


6 thoughts on “The “20east” Grand Tour

  1. Will you finish up w Egyptu? That’s the preferred end destination, you know. Though the heat’s probably a bit much in August. Ta ta, and bon voyage.

  2. Thanks, Ellie!

    Apologies to anyone who read and commented over at Polandian. I’ve moved it here now and lost the comments in the process. Oops!

  3. Austria & Italy – Vienna, Tirol, Salzburg, Alps, Venice, Milan, Lake Como, Lucca, Pisa, Florence, San Gimignano, then back via Innsbruck, Munich, Berlin… etc etc

  4. Not sure if it’s your thing or not, but in Berlin it’s possible to visit the former Stasi prison in the eastern part of the city. Since it was used up to the final days of the DDR, it seems to have been kept near its working state. I think they now have regular English tours. Because I was a big fan of the film “The Lives of Others,” the prison was a must see for me. The film is excellent if you are interested in that part of history.

    If you decide to visit the DDR museum, try to avoid peak hours. It gets cramped quickly. (The one in Leipzig is better)

    I am suddenly craving Dönnerkebab and an Altbier.

  5. If you’re staying a few nights in Berlin and are interested in a recommendation for apartment rental, drop me a line. I know a great place in the west.

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