Flu – it’s a swine!

I’m sat sitting here at home on my tod feeling pretty miserable so this is just a pathetic search for sympathy….Ahhh.

On Friday at work I started to feel very iffy, aching, shaking, headache, tiredness. Hardly surprising really as my body was not designed to take this constant transition from the 30+C tropical weather we have right now to air conditioned office / car. I eventually succumb almost every summer. I really hate this hot sticky weather, it just makes me feel uncomfortable all day, it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep. This is the main reason I’ve never been tempted to holiday in Asia. I can deal with heat, I’ve walked around in 50C in Kuwait (not for too long mind!) but not heat and humidity.

First problem was getting out of the office before I became unable to drive safely. There were assorted important documents that suddenly needed my signature but weren’t quite ready yet, typical Friday afternoon! Eventually left the office but before going home I had to cross the river to collect my car registration papers that had not been returned to me when the car was serviced on Wednesday. The traffic over the bridge and in the direction of Tarchomin was bloody awful so that whole diversion delayed my rest by a further hour. Eventually got home and crashed.

My temperature got up to eyebrow raising levels Friday evening but some medication got it under control. I slept fitfully with need for more medication at around 02:00 and have been feeling anywhere between crap and average all day today. It’s made worse because I’m not able to go to the country and be with Zosia for the weekend. I’m not really up to it and don’t want to make anyone else sick so I’m at home and the rest of the family is down at the działka. There’s nobody here to witness my suffering & suffering just isn’t the same on your own! :)

I’ve been avoiding doctors until now but under persistent pressure from M & Z to call one I finally gave in and booked myself into Bitwy tomorrow morning. Be interesting to see what reaction flu-like symptoms get these days. It will get me out of the house anyway, all this hanging around doing nothing is doing my head in.

I can’t lay in bed, I can’t lay on the sofa, I can’t sit outside, I can’t tell if my stickiness is illness or the weather or both, I can’t sit here at the computer for too long. I hate being sick.

Hope you’re all feeling better than I am!


7 thoughts on “Flu – it’s a swine!

  1. Sorry to hear your feeling under the weather Scatts, There is nothing worse than having a cold/flu in the summer. Worse yet Man Flu…..that was my ex to the t.

    Stay put, drink lots of fluids, chicken soup and hot tea and some Tylenol. I’ll see if one of our visiting nurse’s are available.

  2. Doctor this morning didn’t mention swine at all. She did tell me I have a viral infection, should stay home for 3 days and take assorted drugs. Felt pretty good most of today but feeling a bit wobbly right now. 2-3 pm seems to be the worst time.

    Anyway, on the road to recovery now.

  3. Glad to hear it’s getting better. Sounds like you’ll have a bit of free time. Are you still planning on shoe shopping in October? I mention it because pricing on Manhattan hotels has been weak lately, and that does not happen very often. It might be worth your time to have a look and see if you can score a bargain.

  4. Chris,

    it’s visible you have got polish roots. Your advice is so polish! :D

    I propose Scatts to sing the song ” Były sobie świnki trzy, świnki trzy, świnki trzy i był wilk okropnie zły, wilk okropnie zły”!

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