The Pope & skateboarding

They have turned all the parking around my mother-in-law’s home into pay & display. Not a bad idea because it was getting ridiculous but as we visit a fair bit this promised to be somewhat expensive. However, as we’re melduneked over there we are allowed a free pass and were told that we could pick this up from a temporary station close to the old town until 18:00 each evening. We arrived at said office the other day at 17:15, after having spent 15 minutes finding a parking space, to find they actually close at 17:00! So we went for a walk instead. When we finally get the permit, assuming we do, we might actually get back to the original situation of being able to park near home, during working hours, for free.

Castle Square & Skatekicking

Krakowskie Przedmiescie & the Pope


7 thoughts on “The Pope & skateboarding

  1. Poor Pope. Treated like Mao Tze Tung wit this huge photo. At least he does not hang there longer than a couple of weeks.

  2. PS….”treated” would be correct.

    Scatts I had to sit thru 2 runs so that the 2nd ran more smoother. The first came across as choppy and almost frame by frame. I find it interesting to hear how Zosia switches between English and Polish without a skip and a beat. (enjoying the siteseeing) Are you having as much fun as we are. :P

  3. Watching one of your videos is like being in a very small rowing boat on very choppy water! Perhaps Zosia could push you around on a skateboard for extra smoothness. I have that vision in my head now…

    Love the way the only shots of Marta are her rapidly walking away from you. “That bloke with the camera? Not with us!”.

  4. I think the problem with the choppiness is mostly my terrible filming but partly the processing power of people’s PCs. It is pretty much impossible to get a smooth shot with this small camera while walking along. I shall have to just do static shots.

  5. The videos are really good Scatts. But you are right about the processing power. Flash videos are (at least for my PC) deadly. I can only watch them when the weather is cold and my notebook processor does not overheat :D (like today)

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