I never promised you a rose garden….

But I can bring you a rainbow!

Two rainbows spotted on the way back from Bielsko-Biała

Apologies – Butterfly video removed due unsatisfactory amount of background noise! (and a lot of pressure from the associate editor) ;)


5 thoughts on “I never promised you a rose garden….

  1. Zosia is so cute she even has the butterflies mesmerised to not fly away. I love her little English/Polish accent. Cute =^..^=

  2. Funny that, why do you think Zosia has a very slight Polish accent when speaking English? I would have expected a bilingual child not to have one, not that I know anything about it.

    Apparently the conversation in the background is hilarious :)

  3. Well she’s not been exposed to native English for even 0.5% of the time she’s exposed to native Polish. We spend hardly any time at all in the UK and our attitude towards her English language has always been very passive. Most important is that she’s 100% acceptably Polish.

    Strangely enough, many of her English words come out sounding American, though my accent is not exactly a good example. Her grammar needs a lot of work too but I understand I shouldn’t try to improve her English until she’s older, around 9 years.

    I didn’t focus on the background conversation although knowing who’s doing the talking I can imagine it might be amusing.

    EDIT – The Society for Harmonious Interrelations & Truth (SHIT) have censored the butterfly vid. Sorry about that! We’ll try again when mouth-almighty isn’t gabbing on in the background.

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