The great frog hunt!

Toads possibly?

For a while now we have been serenaded regularly and loudly by what we assume to be either frogs or toads living somewhere around the lake. This evening we decided to go look for them, which was very good of M because she has what one might call an “irrational” fear of frogs. Unfortunately, they were well hidden somewhere around the border of the lake in the reeds so we were not able to get any shots of them but we did get the sound they make just in case anyone is able to identify frogs/toads by their call?

This is just a short clip because they could obviously smell/hear/see us and were chatting for only a very short time and at significantly less volume than normal.

Finally, here’s the very brave M trying to de-sensitise herself from amphibic things by picking up the only one that crossed our path, a tiny little froglett that must have been born yesterday!

12 thoughts on “The great frog hunt!

  1. I would never have guessed that was a frog or toad talking. I always thought they said ribbit. M is braver than me.. #1 —I would have been not brave to pick one up in my hands. #2— my screams would have been louder. That was funny. ;D

  2. Chris, we weren’t sure what it was at first, well we’re still not, but by a process of elimination we ended up with that conclusion.

  3. That poor wee froglet – abducted, thrown away and screamed at, all on his first day in the real world. What will M pick up next??

    BTW love the videos – but they are very short…

  4. Now that’s funny! :) I think it’s her screaming that does it – classic phobia noise and 100% genuine.

    Couldn’t you have found her a smaller one to pick up?!

  5. Really? Sorry about that Michael, I know how annoying that is. The videos are in .mwv format in case you can coax your PC into playing it with another application, Windows Media Player for example.

    I don’t like Adobe Flash but I come across it too often to be without it

  6. yeah! It’s how Scatts torture his wife! Poor woman!

    I adore frogs chorus. It’s my childhood! I’d fallen asleep summers always with that and now I miss it!

    Frog’s princes to kiss should write at …@….pl (Scatts know perfectly my e-mail address) :D

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