We were early for the family birthday party today, Antoni is 3 years old, so we drove around the fields behind Łomianki for a while. I spotted this field of poppies and thought it worth another video experiment.

So, here’s something nice and calm for a Sunday evening – “Poppies Under a Stormy Sky”

This short clip came out of the camera as a 50 Mb .m2ts file which was then converted into a 3Mb file .wmv file. I’ve now turned down the quality setting so we’ll see what the next ones look like.


6 thoughts on “Poppies

  1. Nice clip Ian. Scared me at first …sounded like a zillion bees. I love poppies (and puppies too..hehee) I’m not sure if we have poppy fields here…maybe California. I just bought a new phone (net10 LG600 so looks like we ae both playing with a new toy) :D

  2. I like it! In fact I wish it was a bit longer – especially the closer zoom sections. Means bigger files though – is that ok?

    more please.

  3. Run this backwards, saving the climax towards the end: I would much rather see the field from a distance, then come closer in anticipation. Beautiful idea — thanks for shooting this!

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