World hunger hits one billion

According to various sources there are now one in six people in the world who are hungry, get less than 1,800 calories a day. That’s roughly the same calories as might be found in one McDonalds take away meal of a large burger, fries and a milkshake. That’s also a very SICK statistic in this day and age.

In the whole of the “developed world” there are around 15 million hungry people. Still a horrible statistic but in Asia-Pacific there are 642 million and in sub-Saharan Africa 265 million. How can we let this happen? I might, at a push, be able to find excuses for perhaps five million hungry people who refuse to move to better locations or in other ways contribute to their own situation, but one billion is totally inexcusable!

I hate to think what people will think, many years from now, when they look back on how small this planet is and yet how in 2009 the human race allowed one group to over-indulge so much while another group went hungry every day. Barbaric, selfish, uncaring, uncivilised, sadistic, short sighted, inhumane, stupid. And I’m a part of it. Shame on me.


2 thoughts on “World hunger hits one billion

  1. So stop – people who live in comfort – throwing away bread to the garbage! Go to the park and feed birds!

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