Marketing Poland

I heard earlier today about a series of programmes to be run on CNN this week that focus on Poland.

It has been nearly 20 years since Poland’s Solidarity movement defeated the Communist Party in an historic election that prompted the fall of communism across central and eastern Europe. CNN International marks this significant anniversary with “The New Poland,” a week of programming examining the transformation of Poland from 1989 to where it sits today on the world stage. The combination of daily live programming and special reports from CNN correspondents in cities across Poland culminates June 4 with “Autumn of Change, an in-depth documentary that takes a retrospective look at the events leading up to the election exactly 20 years ago.

Then I’m browsing and realise that we Polandians are a few months late bringing you the news of

POLSKA! YEAR, to commence in spring 2009 and continue through 2010, is a joint initiative of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The programme of POLSKA! YEAR covers cultural events prepared in strict cooperation with British partners. The purpose of the Year is to bring the communities of Poland and Great Britain closer by strengthening cultural relations and establishing new contacts between Polish and British artistic institutions, artists and organisers of cultural events.

Who wrote that tag line! “A year of contemporary everything from Poland”. Yuk!!

I couldn’t help noticing on the front page of the Polska!Year website that dear old President Kaczka has been promoted to “His Excellency” (assuming that’s what HE stands for). Would that be his official title then, His Excellency? I mean, I understand that he might be addressed in such a fashion when attending a fish & chip supper with Lizzie but is it actually appropriate to write it that way on this website, or is his ego department working overtime to make sure he’s not belittled by the Queen of England? “If she gets to have HM then I insist on having HE!!”.

So what’s going on then? Poland, so long the champion of zero marketing is suddenly more popular than Susan Boyle! I understand that the 20th anniversary of ‘death to all commies” is bound to be a newsworthy event, especially for American news channels, but even so, this is a little excessive, isn’t it?

To brzmi dziwnie. Nawet bardzo.

9 thoughts on “Marketing Poland

  1. The Brits make a Polska year because they want to get rid of all the muslim refugees and send them to Poland.

  2. On the other hand David Miliband has a Polish mother…so maybe he can be trusted. Too bad Churchill did not have a Polish mother, or a Polish dog…

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  4. I am sure whatever is organised it will be poor, as you say the marketing in Poland is grim. The only worthwhile productions are the Sopot and Opole music festivals and nowadays they are organised by the TV companies.

  5. We have just had a big Polish Cultural Festival in Edinburgh. Arthouse films, medieval re-enactments etc etc. Perhaps that was part of this campaign.

    Similarly, Scotland is having the year of Homecoming (250th anniversary of Burn’s birth), and it is also gathering criticism…

    Churchill’s mother was American, which helps to explain the British world view I think.

  6. You are not alone, I couldn’t find them either. One has to assume CNN don’t want anyone to watch them except by happy accident.

    EDIT – I just read my mail and Jamie got this from our chums at CNN. It only covers the final documentary. I guess Finoolah’s spot is repeated during the day?

    More on this later, possibly.

    CNN is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe with ‘The New Poland,’ a week of programming examining the transformation of Poland from 1989 to where it sits today on the world stage. Beginning Monday 1st June, CNN’s Fionnuala Sweeney will be reporting live from cities across Poland and CNN correspondent Frederik Pleitgen will take viewers inside the Poland of today. The week-long programming culminates with ‘Autumn of Change,’ an in-depth documentary that takes a retrospective look at the events leading up to the election nearly 20 years ago. It airs at 0800ET/1400 CET on Saturday 6th June at 1400 ET and 2000 CET on Sunday 7th June.

  7. This might get Poland some marketing

    Some Polish Catholics are expressing outrage over Madonna’s plan to stage a concert in Warsaw this August on the feast of the Assumption, which is a national holiday in Poland.

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