Warsaw NatureWatch update

Latest addition to the ‘spotted in the garden’ list is the Fieldfare Turdus pilaris (Kwiczoł).


These first came to my attention when a couple were seriously harassing a Magpie with a furious chattering noise. The Magpie buggered off pretty quickly and in recent days these birds have been the ones strutting confidently around digging out the best worms. According to my bird guide Fieldfare are prone to pursuing crows of all kinds and bombarding them with excrement. Nice! Perhaps that explains the “Turdus” part of the Latin name?


33 thoughts on “Warsaw NatureWatch update

  1. Given the magpie’s predeliction for taking eggs and young from other birds I’m on the side of the Fieldfare.

  2. They were very popular on the noble tables / szlacheckie jadło! So they must be very yummy/tasty!
    Hope Scatts you are vegetarian! :)

  3. I’ve seen and heard these in Lazienki attacking crows up in the trees, and often wondered what they were. I assumed they were a type of Song Thrush and I was close as they are all part of the family of ‘Turdidae’ – as you very amusingly pointed out.

    Magpies are often shot where I come from because of their tendency to steal eggs. Some people say the smaller bird population in the UK has declined because of the Magpie. Probably couldn’t get away with this in Warsaw’s Royal Baths Park though!

  4. Date – 6th Jan 2010. Fieldfare. Considerable number of specimens (maybe 40 or 50) seen throughout the day on the northern outskirts of Wrexham, N.Wales. They stayed largely in the trees and were not generally seen coming down to feed.

  5. Just spotted my first Fieldfare defending a red berried bush in my garden. Starlings, blackbirds have all been given chase, he now sitting aloft his proze.

  6. 9th Jan 10 Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

    Over the last 3-4 days we have two frequent fieldfare visitors to our garden, they are beautiful but only interested in eating old apples still hanging from a tree. Everywhere covered in thick snow so that might explain things.

  7. Saw a half a dozen of these in my garden today. They had some Redwing with them. Quite agressive. I had two hits on my kitchen window today. No harm done from what I can see. Saw a peculiar bird also that I cant identify. Like a thrush, fat, white front, brown wings and tail with a distinctive black bit under his chin which tapered down his breast. We have lots of snow at the moment in the garden and so this accounts for increase in bird life. John

  8. Near Bridgwater Somerset. We have up to eight regularly visiting. They first appeared after the snow fell. Never encountered them previously. Before discovering the apples we had left out for Blackbirds they were feeding under the tall Hawthorn from fallen berries and taking the few remaining from the end of the branches. Very dominant!

  9. 6-7 visiting my garden in southeast hants over the last 3 days. First arrived and cleared remaining berries and now eating offerings left for the blackbird and wood pigeons. Unfazed by my hens and very chatty. Delightful to watch – my first ever fieldfares.

  10. One single Fieldfare currently decorating our garden. Never ever seen one before this far North – Edinburgh – and wonder if it’s lost! Looks pretty happy though, and is tucking in to all the food and berries around the area. Good looking bird!

  11. One Fieldfare arrived today, Mullingar, Midlands of Ireland. I hadn’t a clue what it was until I checked the web for a cross betweeen thrush and b;ackbird, and Fieldfare showed up.Got a couple of good photos for memories!

  12. Been watching what I now know are two Fieldfare in our garden. Difficulty identifying them from my limited books, as they were not shown with white bellies. A friend managed to identify them and it is definitely the first time I have seen them in our garden in Norfolk which overlooks the Broads and marshes. They enjoy the apples I have been putting out. Is it unusual to see them in this county?

  13. Got a single fieldfare in our garden keeping all the other birds honest at the moment. Been here about a week now and seems very happy to live off the fallen fruit in the garden. Oh yes, we live in Barry, South Wales (yes thats right Gavin & Stacey country).

  14. Have got plenty of Fieldfare feeding on the cliffside in our back garden (in Portreath, Cornwall)thought they should not be here this time of year?

  15. For the last few days since the snow we have seen a different bird outside on a berried bush, after checking this site, we come to the conclusion it is a fieldfare,we live in Tewkesbury on the Gloucestershire/ Worcestershire border very close to the M5. Where do these birds come from?

  16. For the past week i have bee watching a new bird in the garden i have looked it up and know now that it is a fieldfare. Never seen one around here before.(Albrighton nr Wolverhampton).

  17. Had one in the garden for the last couple of days, didn’t have a clue what it was until I had a look at the RSPB website and found out it was a Fieldfare. It’s been sitting in the apple tree picking at the old apples too. (Just outside of Glasgow)

  18. I have a Fieldfare in my garden in Swanmore, Hampshire. Didn’t know what it was, so had to look it up. Never seen one here before. It’s a handsome bold bird and has been eating grapes and apples I put out since the snow came. It seems to be alone.

  19. fieldfare.
    have had 3 comeing to the garden in towyn abergele
    since just after xmas,the buk thorn that was full of
    berrys is nearly striped.my home backs and sides on to
    park land,but its nice to see them again paul

  20. we had two feildfare last year didnt know what they were, then last week one arrived and proceded to take over the crab apple tree in the garden across the road that is full of apples, all the other birds seem to be keeping their heads down now, no blue tits or blackbirs to be seen in the front garden they are all hiding in the back with the very noisey sparrows,

  21. Saw one Fieldfare on the 14th. Jan. 2010 in Great Harwood, Lancashire, feeding on berries in a front garden. First time I have seen one as well, what a cracking looking bird

  22. Had a single fieldfare in the garden for the last few days, had no idea what it was until I saw a bird watch programe the other night. It has been eating all the berries in my garden (Poole, Dorset).

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