Ready for the summer

Our summer this year will feature a couple of new items of ‘garden furniture’.

First is the barbecue, grill. We’ve had this thing for a few years now and used it perhaps twice. Thank goodness my urge to throw out anything not pulling its weight was curbed and so it ended up with us here at the new barbecue friendly domek and has now been promoted from garage to terrace. We the inaugural grill last weekend and managed to rustle up some very presentable chicken breasts. We’ll be using it again tomorrow to cook some sausages for the kids party we’re hosting. There are 18 kids plus siblings plus parents invited so I’m wishing it was three times larger but if I’m organised enough and do it in shifts we should be okay!

The second item is a trampoline. I never really realised just how much of a “kid-magnet” these things are but they have one in the grounds of a wine bar in town we visit sometimes and that’s always busy. Then there was one in the garden of the place we stayed in Oslo and we couldn’t keep the kids off it so we decided as we have the space it would be a good investment.

This one came from Decathlon and is 2.4m diameter. They have one larger size but we thought this would be sufficient for our needs. I think it cost around 1,500 PLN, roughly 1,000 for the trampoline and 500 for the safety net. If you decide to buy the same please refer to me for assembly instructions. I think this was made in China for a French market and little attention was paid to the instruction manual. It shows pictures of the finished article and sort of leaves it up to you to decide how it all goes together. As a result, I built every section at least twice before I got it right and when you’re having to clip and unclip 60 springs each time it’s not a lot of fun!

I expect the trampoline will be getting a battering tomorrow, weather permitting. Sadly, I shan’t be demonstrating my triple back-flip with pike as the max allowed weight is 80kg!


6 thoughts on “Ready for the summer

  1. I’ve seen adults on small ones like the one pictured. I guess on has to read the instructions for the total amount of weight it can hold. Maybe they are built stronger.

    Looks like Zosia is going to have many days of fun jumping around.

    I love grilled food….any kind even grilled veggies. Enjoy your summer. (looks like a Weber…they are the best better than the gas grills although the gas are more convenient)

  2. Wow, you look like a grilling “purist”. Are those hickory scented wood chips I see in the background?
    Our neighbour has exactly the same model. His approach to BBQing (sorry NA reference) makes the Japanese tea service look like a a riotous affair.

    Do incantations and chanting instructions come with the box?

    Enjoy summer’s bounty.

    RE: trampoline. Important question. Many leftover parts?

  3. pinolona, anyone up to 80kg can use it so around here that’s everyone but me!

    Chris, yes it’s a Weber.

    siuniab, the only left over part was a small section of foam tube that I had (unnecessarily as it turns out) cut from one of the lengths provided. I’m a grilling “beginner”. Anything we have that looks right is just a by-product of picking up everything that looks like a grill might require it.

  4. So tempted, so weighing 80kg, and so hesitant I am. [Take any and all attiring off? Shave myself real good? Jump single-leggedly?] Tips on how to fast unbecome a trampoline-bouncefreak border case scenario fatality are welcome.

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