Whatever happened to editors, proof readers and spell checking?

Another publication that passed through my hands this very day was the confusingly titled “International Business Voice – Contact” the magazine of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce. I have yet to read beyond page 9 so I may need to come back and edit this post but anyway, the point is regarding the very prominent “Chairman’s Note” on the first page.

Mr. David Thomas, BPCC Chairman writes;

“…..and in fact the political rangling within the coalition seems to be slowing the process down rather than speeding it up.”

Now, even in my spell checker the word “rangling” has a big red line underneath suggesting something might be amiss. Very amiss I’d say, the only reference I can find to a definition of the word “rangling” is this;

rangling (Grose 1811 Dictionary)

Intriguing with a variety of women.

Definition taken from The 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, originally by Francis Grose.

Are the BPCC suggesting that members of Poland’s coalition government are so busy being ‘intriguing with a variety of women’ that they are neglecting their duties? Surely not!

I despair, publications of firstly a Royal Institute and now a chamber of commerce simply not up to acceptable standards. Perhaps they’d both like to employ this guy, for example, to provide that final check before they hit the “print” button.

I did notice a familiar name amongst the BPCC luminaries so perhaps we have an inside track to sort this one out! ;)


2 thoughts on “Whatever happened to editors, proof readers and spell checking?

  1. Love Jamie’s website!! :D

    Don’t flatter him too much though, I think he’s quite capable of doing that himself ;)

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