Oslo – Drøbak & Oscarsborg

On our first day in Oslo we visited the town of Drøbak and the island fortress of Oscarsborg which are situated at the narrowest point of the Oslofjord.

Norwegian flag and ship’s figurehead looking out onto Drøbak harbour.

The Google Earth snap below shows the location – Oslo is to the north at the top of the Oslofjord and the North sea & Denmark are south. The yellow line is the ferry route and the green arrow is the direction of the view up Oslofjord, also below with the bathing cabin.

Drøbak is the Norwegian equivalent of Matlock Bath in the UK in so far as it is cute, not too far from big populations and is visited by bikers on sunny weekends and holidays!

The biggest claim to fame of this area is the sinking of a German heavy cruiser warship, the Blücher, on April 9th 1940. This is known as the “Battle of Drøbak Sound” and I’ll leave you to read all about it in the Wikipedia articles.


Rather than sinking warships, we used one as a ferry to get from Drøbak across to Oscarsborg.

On the way over you get a good view of the fort (and passing yachts)

We trekked around to the far side of the smaller island and set up our picnic on a scenic rock. Our hosts are shown confirming the GPS location of the cool box!

We had a good rummage around the gun emplacements……

….before getting back on the ferry (admiring our reflection on the way) and heading back into Drøbak for ice-creams, drinks and another walk through the town.


13 thoughts on “Oslo – Drøbak & Oscarsborg

  1. I think the “babie lato” is called “cottonwood” here. A nasty nusance when it starts to fly and gather all over. Especially when it flies in your mouth and face, windshield. No running away from it either. :) And lucky Zosia is getting a hands on history experience.

  2. Hi,

    Very nice pictures! I am planning to visit Oslo next week. Can you tell me which ferry you took to go in Drobak? Any specific schedule?


  3. Thanks, Alex. I think there’s only one ferry company so there’s no choice. I’m afraid I wasn’t paying much attention to the details as we were following our friends. The ferry “terminal” was located at the farther end of Drobak, through the town centre and then turn right. There were signs I think.

    I found the ticket and it doesn’t have a company name on it that I can see. A family return ticket cost us 135 Kr. Not sure what the schedule was but more than every half hour and less than every 3 hours seems about right. The time on our ticket is 11:39 so I’d say out ferry was midday.

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  5. I have a question for you. We’re going to be in Oslo in May. Is the city small enough that we could find our way around by walking? We’d like to visit the Viking Ship Museum & Hadeland Glassworks. Thanks!

  6. Kathi,

    It is sort of medium size but quite spread out and neither of the places you want to go are in the city centre. You could probably get to them by bus or taxi and then walk the rest of the city? From memory the glass works was a bit of a drive out of the city. Hope this helps.

  7. Thank you so much! We just booked a cruise, and I’ve been trying to figure out the relative value of taking a tour versus striking out on our own, because some cities are quite walkable. BUT, this is not the case here, so thanks so much for your help!

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