Back from Oslo

Hi there!

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet recently but we’ve been away in Oslo, Norway, for six days and have just returned. If you like skiing, sailing, the outdoor life & classic cars and have a large fortune you’d like to turn into a much smaller one, move to Oslo – NOW!!


We’ve had a good time staying with friends and have seen quite a bit of Oslo and the surrounding area. The camera tells me I have 260 photos to share with you, perhaps not all of them, eh? I’ll create a gallery when I have time (weekend-ish) and then post in here some comments and selected snaps.

The only downside of the trip, a real bummer, was losing M’s watch going through security at Garden-mower airport this evening. It’s not so much the watch, although Omegas don’t come cheap, but the sentimental value. There’s a very slim chance it will turn up but I doubt it, too nickable even with an engraving on the back. Pity.

Here’s something to keep you going – “Replica of the seal skin clothing worn by Roald Amundsen to the South Pole, 1910-1912. Made by the same company that provided seal skin for the 3 Fram expeditions in 1910, G.C. Riber Furs”. The whole outfit can be yours for just €2,700 EUR.


5 thoughts on “Back from Oslo

  1. Sorry to hear about M’s missing watch. I make it a point never to pack any jewelry. I wear it all. We just had a news story recently on how since 911 everyone is searched and watched but who is searching and watching airlines. They riffle thru your baggage and take what they want. Even caught on tape. And just recently a young autistic boy managed to buy a ticket and hop on a plane twice with only showing his report card for ID. By the way…reading your blogs and all your trips taken makes me wonder if we are in a recession…or is it just that I am living in the wrong place. =^..^= Color me green. :P

  2. Lately EU restricted more trade with seals and it’s VERY GOOD. STOP to the human domination and killing other mammals without hunger!!!

  3. Chris,

    come to Poland. We will do you some Ellis Island type examination in case you can bring ŚWIRUS*=wariat/crazy man= świński wirus/pigs’ virus. ;)

    * The word Świrus created and mouthmade by MaterialGirl, who allowes to spread it around the world without profits.

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