Snakes and frogs

Neither animal a particularly welcome visitor to these parts when M is around so it was a good thing she was out studying when yellerbelly & I found and snapped these things no more than 30m from our terrace:

Grass snake – natrix natrix (Zaskroniec zwyczajny).

And this is what he was after, the Common Frog – Rana temporaria (Żaba trawna)


8 thoughts on “Snakes and frogs

  1. Holy grass-snakes, Scatts! That green snake looks cool. Snake photos are great for your reader stats, so good on ya! I’m jealous. We only have ducks, no reptiles here. :-(

  2. And this is a song (from the country weddings parties) for your mother-in-law Scatts: “A moją teściową pokąsały żmije, żmije pozdychały, a teściowa żyje!” Uha! :D

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