More Warsaw spring photos

It’s been a beautiful weekend in Warsaw with temperatures above 20C both days.

The “March Hare” cafe on Moliera where we often spend time waiting for Zosia to finish ballet. They do a good latte and fresh orange juice, also breakfasts are good – scrambled, fried or omelette:

This is often followed by the Sakana Sushi bar, also on Moliera where the current favourite of Zosia & mum is the cooked salmon maki with the brown sticky sauce and sesame seeds. I think this is one of the better sushi bars in Warsaw, a bit of a maki focus but it is all good quality and the chefs will rustle up whatever you like:

In the garden, the brightest spark by far is the “purple bush”, which looks like nothing at all for most of the year but goes crazy in spring!

Purple bush

Also looking good at the moment is the white blossom on the tree by the garage [later edit – this tree sadly now blown down in a gale]. This photo is a good example of how you can get a better shot when you spend a little time getting the exposure right. With either P or Auto mode this would have been washed out with so much white in the sunlight so I used the ‘spot metering’ button on the white blossom and ended up with something a lot more acceptable.

We’ve also added a few species to the ‘spotted’ list recently – bats (battus batticus) flying overhead of an evening, big green frogs (frogus greenicus) down by the lake and owls (owlus hooticus) heard but not seen in the woods at night.


8 thoughts on “More Warsaw spring photos

  1. guest, thanks for that but I’m not sure you’re right. We definitely do have two rhododendron bushes by the terrace but this one is quite different. Taller, with hardly any leaves worth talking of. The rhododendrons are about to bloom and I’ll put them in here when they do so you can see the difference. There is one immediately to the left of the purple bush in the picture in fact.

    I’ll bow to superior knowledge here, of course, but the purple bush is very different to the rhododendrons we have here.

  2. The close up looks like a carnation, the leaves look like a rhododendrom. All your photos always make me with to be in Warsaw. Nice work as usual. =^..^=

  3. No I don’t have lisp…LOL I just need spell check + I just woke up and the caffeine hasn’t kiked in yet. with s/b wish. ;P

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