Spider-Bart climbs the Warsaw Marriott

Big excitement in Warsaw yesterday when Bartek O. decided to climb the face of the hotel Marriott a la Alain Robert in 1999 – no ropes, no help.

In order to bring Polandian readers exclusive pictures of the event, I climbed to the 8th floor of a nearby building and took a couple of shots. Sadly I was not armed with a telescopic lens so in these pictures Bart resembles at best one of those sticky things you throw at windows and watch them flop their way down. Thankfully, Bart did not flop his way down and reached the top safely where he was arrested and taken away.

If anyone else tries similar stunts – Polandian will be sure to bring you exclusive news and photos!!

Click on photos for larger size.


11 thoughts on “Spider-Bart climbs the Warsaw Marriott

  1. How many people have done this now? Seems like dozens. I’m never sure if the point of the exercise is to climb the Marriott or get arrested at the top of the Marriott.

  2. Wow! And I missed it! Damn.

    There’s an article about him in last week’s New Yorker. He’s a bit short for my tastes, but has awesome muscles! Oh, and then he’s French. Never mind.

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  5. Ania, I propose a modest (and I really mean small, like mine) investment in the stock market instead. Been playing with it since 26th March and so far up 39.2%. Even Turkish lira won’t beat 40% a month!!

    The value of your investments may go DOWN as well as up!! :)

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