Things go wrong in Poland – sometimes.

I enjoyed yesterday despite the three fairly significant annoyances it contained. Must be the sunshine releasing massive amounts of dopamine (or whatever).


The first thing to go wrong was my USG with Medicover. They really are an utterly useless bunch. There’s something wrong with my index finger, left hand. You can see swelling around the main joint and it’s pretty painful. My guess is that I’ve strained or torn the small ligament on the inside face but it would be nice to get a professional opinion one day. As usual, I waited a couple of weeks at least before seeing the doctor at all just in case it went away, so the actual damage must have been done around 22nd March. It didn’t get any better so I booked appointment with the orthopaedic specialist and managed to find an slot on 7th May. This guy spent 3 minutes telling me to do the heat/ice thing but mainly to get a USG so we really know what we’re talking about. The earliest possible appointment for USG was two weeks later, yesterday. I had to devote a lunch hour to visiting Medicover at Bitwy. Finally got to see the USG specialist who told me “I can’t do this because I’m not an orthopaedic USG person. You need to make another appointment.”. Now I have to go to my third Medicover centre in the hope of finally meeting a person who can provide medical advice worth listening to. By the time I finally see the right person the little broken bone will have already set in the wrong position – or something like that! Medicover = JOKE.


Second thing was Jacek. Jacek is a very nice guy who has had plenty of jobs, currently employed as a security guard, but is a self proclaimed expert at just about anything that might bring in a few zloty. The delightful M, not trusting in my ability to do anything much, decided to award him the contract for cleaning our windows and blinds. This he has been dutifully doing for about three days now and we hope sometime before our summer holiday he might finish. We’ve got a lot of glass and they all have ventian blinds! In the meantime, M had spoken to him about a piece of artwork we had leaning against a wall in the bedroom and wondered if he knew a good way to hang it on the wall, a job I have been mulling over for a while now. It’s not easy because it is a large and heavy plank of wood, carved on one side and with two brackets on the backside. It needed thought before action but this apparent lack of progress was not pleasing she who must be obeyed. Jacek SMSed to say he knew how to do it, did we have a size 10 drill bit and he’d get it done ASAP. ASAP was yesterday. I arrived home to see the artwork attached to the wall as promised but instead of some clever, strong, hidden fixing device, Jacek’s solution was to drill straight through the carved face of the artwork and into the wall, top and bottom. Then, by applying a couple of ingenious things called ‘screws’ he was able to hold it in place, probably for the next thousand years!

When I’d finished laughing, my comment was along the lines of “So he’s used my drill, drill bit, screws, plugs and screwdriver to screw the thing to the wall straight through the front face. If I’d have known that’s what you wanted I could have done it weeks ago!!!”.

Were I an American banker who’d paid thousands of dollars for this genuine Indian antique carving, I might well be stupendously pissed off at the way Jacek has ‘improved’ it by drilling two sodding great holes through it. As it is, I’m just too amused to be angry. This really is a classic Polish experience.


The last thing to go haywire was the latest invoice from Era for M’s telephone. This is usually less than 100 PLN so you can imagine our surprise when this one came with 20 sheets of paper itemising the charges and a total of 950 PLN!!! Yes, nine HUNDRED and fifty. Gulp! On detailed examination it appears our experiment and subsequent purchase of an iPhone for M might end up being far more expensive than we’d imagined. The phones DEFAULT setting is to ‘push’ and ‘fetch’ data, such as emails, every 15 minutes. This it was doing, all day and all night – push 7kb here, fetch 5kb there and before you know it you have pushed and fetched your way into a massive phone bill, even if you did take out their Blueconnect 50MB package! I’m pretty angry about this because it’s not like anyone told us to change the settings, nor that the phone gave any indication that it was pushing & fetching its way to a thousand zloty invoice. This is one of those sly ways to increase profits and now I have enough data to list the top 3 Polish scams. Thinking about it, I’ll list them on Polandian so everyone can chip in.

I have already sent a ballistic missile to Medicover via company ‘health service’ coordinator. I’ll forgive Jacek this time, which is more than most would do, but the list of things we’ll give him to do is rapidly shrinking. Era have yet to feel the prick of my spear tip but they will later this week. Don’t suppose I’ll get much response beyond “its your fault, pay up or else”.


7 thoughts on “Things go wrong in Poland – sometimes.

  1. Interesting. I was at Medicover on Bitwy a couple of months ago and a guy in the queue in front of me had turned up for an appointment for an orthopedic USG. He was told that there must have been a mistake as they don’t have the equipment to do those USGs on Bitwy.

  2. Not every things go wrong. ;-)
    Bruce Willis will be face for Sobieski vodka for next 4 years for “only” 16 millions bugs!!!
    Hmmm, how do you think it will influence on this vodka price?

  3. Scatts what does USG stand for.

    Don’t let them get away with the Iphone charges…I would definitely fight it.

    Jacek…I am not sure I would be laughing or crying or both. I know some just like him…groannnning!

  4. MG…wondering why they chose BW to be face for Sobieski. I don’t think he is Polish…maybe just a vodka drinker. I always liked Bruce but latley he seems a bit off the wall. (no I think he always was a bit off the wall..hehehe)

  5. Chris, USG stands for ultrasonography you can read about it here – LINK It is just a way of looking inside people without using X-rays. Commonly used with pregnancies, for example.

  6. Thanks Scatts. We just call it an ultrasound here. I have never heard of it refered to as a USG and did try to Google it but the hits didn’t sound anyhting close to medical terminlogy.

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