Lifts, elevators, windy

I just took the left hand (of three) lifts down to the ground floor and the central lift back up. Couple of things I find strange, if not annoying.

  • The first lift said it could handle 15 people or 1250 kg = 83.3kg per person. The second one said 21 people or 1600 kg = 76.19 kg per person. Why do two lifts from the same manufacturer have different ideas about how much people should weigh? Could this not lead to disaster if a party of 15 people averaging 83.3 kg each and accustomed to using the left hand lift without incident are joined by six equally sized friends on a day when the only lift working is the middle one?
  • I will shortly be writing to my lawyer and asking him to prepare a case against the manufacturer for “deep distress and mental anguish”. I weigh more than either of those averages and in my opinion it is weightist and insulting to be called a “fat ba**ard” by a lift! Two lifts even!

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