Warsaw NatureWatch

It is a beautiful day today with a bright, clear blue sky and sunshine. The temperature is not all that hot, still only around 12C but much better than the cloud and rain we had yesterday.

The garden is coming along nicely with the grass growing and the trees blossoming or coming into leaf, some faster than others.

I’ve run out of peanuts and seeds temporarily but the few seed balls I hung out did attract the Great Spotted Woodpeckers this morning. First the baby was sent to feed but she was too scared and just sat in the middle of the tree. Then tata came along and got enough for both of them!


2 thoughts on “Warsaw NatureWatch

  1. I envy you this beautiful nature circumstances ;).
    We are digging our small garden second weekend now, and it seems we are close to dig out the dinosaur! There is no soil at all, just left overs from construction site!
    But wait few years and I show you mine! ;)))

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