Teaching actors to drive.

It is a little known fact that Warsaw is one of Europe’s primary centres for teaching actors to drive.

We’ve known for a while just how ‘sensitive’ actors can be. The slightest thing not quite going their way and they blow a gasket and storm off in a huff to complain to other “lovies” about how life’s not fair. Well, throwing an artistic tantrum in the midst of a normal driving lesson can be dangerous which is why Warsaw has developed a growing industry for safe driving lessons for for artistic types.

I was lucky enough to spot a lesson in progress on ul. Senatorska yesterday:

Here you can see how the actors are able to sit in the car with the instructor and follow all the moves but without it having any real effect on the movement of the car, in this case a Mercedes (natch!), which is on a trailer being towed by a truck. The whole lesson is filmed and then played back to the actor later to demonstrate where they were going wrong.

In the black ‘tent’ between the truck and the Merc are the film crew and also the actors best friends to shout encouraging words like “You look just divine, luvvy!” or “Darling, you were simply fantastic around that corner!”.

Out of sight of these photos but following closely behind is the chuck-wagon, catering truck, without which no actor is able to get out of bed let alone take a driving lesson. This comes fully laden with enough lobster, caviar and champagne to keep the entire entourage going for the duration of the lesson, usually about an hour.

Rumour has it that the following stars are on the growing list of people to have passed their driving tests here in Warsaw: Brad Pitt, Kate Winslett, Sean Penn, 50 Cent, Marilyn Manson, Shrek, Borat, the chihuahua from Beverley Hills ………..


2 thoughts on “Teaching actors to drive.

  1. This just shows me how totally in-the-know you are! Please tell Brad P that I need his autograph, preferably on his “L” for learner sticker! xx

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