Daniel Hannan’s now famous speech to the European parliament

Apparently he’s been saying the same stuff every week on his blog (lucky to get 800 hits a day for you stat freaks, although I’m sure that’s more like 8,000 now!) but it was only when this speech hit YouTube and rang true with so many people worldwide, that Mr. Hannan was transformed into a global superstar. Well, certainly treated as such by the American media. Here’s the speech, sounds like good sense to me although Brown’s not impressed.

Should Cameron be worried?


4 thoughts on “Daniel Hannan’s now famous speech to the European parliament

  1. guest, funnily enough I read that earlier today. There have been quite a few grim reports from out there since the money dried up! You reap what you sow.

  2. Mhmm I absolutely love his accent.

    I;m not sure whether I have anything to say about what he says about Brown, but he surely can’t be that bad if he was the chancellor through all that prosperity of the Blair era. I’m not sure if he’s such a protectionist, if he supported opening British job market to the New EU from the beginning… But I know very little about British politics so I could be completely wrong.

  3. Thanks for the Dubai link. Wow, this article does make impression.
    I’m only shocked so many westerners are ok with slave labour. You think the world changed, that there’s progress and the people now understand some things. And it turns out – people are still stupid as f***.

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