Warsaw Spring

How things can change in a week or so. Last Wednesday I was sweeping snow off the car and today it’s time to break out the Bermuda shorts and fill up the plastic paddling pool! The car thermometer registered 21C today and it was beautiful out there. Here are a a few sunny shots from early spring:

Spring is budding out all over!

Out on the swings without jumper, coat, hat, gloves……….

Sun on the inside

Sun on the outside

And that wide open terrace is the next opportunity for spending money and hard work! We’ve got a few chairs but that’s about it. I suppose we’re going to need a couple of sun loungers, table/s, parasol, swing-thing and a collection of green flowery stuff. Oh well, life would be dull with nothing to do!


6 thoughts on “Warsaw Spring

  1. Congratulations on Spring’s arrival.
    What amazing windows and space you have – and yes, a bit of furniture and a few flowers would make it very inviting…

  2. true indeed! there must be a project and action plan, otherwise it is not worth it. I am the same, in the middle of garden madness ;)))))

  3. Here yesterday it was the epitamy of a summer day. A call from my friend inviting me to “lets do something fun” So off for a drive to the casino where I not only lost all my $$$$ but also a day because for some reason I thought today was Thursday till a call from my brother telling me when he will arrive tomorrow brought me to “present” So now it’s my turn, for today its nasty…rainy and very windy. Doesn’t look your picture of “Spring”. I guess I’ll have to wait my turn. Poop!!!

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