Warsaw takes drastic action on climate change

Following the great success of ‘Earth Hour’ on 28th March where all lights were extinguished for one hour at 20:30, the Mayor of Warsaw has decided to move the city in one bold move to the leading edge of the fight against climate change.

It was during her time as Vice-President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development that Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz developed a very strong will to fight the problems that are contributing to global climate change. No doubt this desire was heartily encouraged by her husband, Professor Friedrich Waltz, who has spent many years as one of the world’s leading academics involved in understanding climate change and how best to deal with it.

It came as no surprise then that she encouraged Warsaw to switch off all lights, indeed to save generally as much energy as possible, between the hours of 20:30 and 21:30 last Saturday. What has come as something of a shock though is today’s announcement that this is to be repeated every weekend for the remainder of 2009 and on both Saturdays and Sundays during the summer months when Warsaw is less busy!

While many are praising her bold move as not only being good for the planet but also “putting Warsaw on the map”, others are, quite rightly, raising the many problems such a decision is likely to cause. Why only Warsaw, for example, why not at least have a rotation system between the major cities in Poland? What about road safety and other safety concerns when the whole city is plunged into darkness on a regular basis, looting for example? What about compensation for the businesses that will be losing sales not just for one hour a year but every single weekend!! Do I hear the lid being removed from a super-size can of worms?

Is this just another case of lunatic management in our capital city or is this the first brave, bold and sensible move we’ve seen from city hall for quite some time?


11 thoughts on “Warsaw takes drastic action on climate change

  1. In our studio, we already have our firefly lamps installed and ready to use. Firefly metabolism products will be recycled and used as fertilizer for our potted plants. We have also commited ourselves to attach all our monitors to the ceiling, so that we can use them instead of traditional incadescent light sources. We will do all our work in horizontal position, which is more natural and healthy than sitting. We’ve also started a special advanced training program, which will allow us to operate all hardware with all monitors turned off completely within six months.

    Energy conservation and climate stability are deeply rooted in Polish and Christian tradition. As the old proverb says: “przyjdzie waltz i wyrówna”, or “don’t keep your lights on while picking your nose”.

  2. Hi, why is the blog roll missing in the NEW version? I used to go to Polandian and then navigate to other blogs from there…would you please add it here as well? Thanks.

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  4. Well, looks like the best we could do for Prima Aprilis was to fool a climate change pingback! Darn!

    Altogether too believable. Your turn next year Jamie.

  5. Jamie,

    this time you are wrong with addressing your thinking. You undervalue me.

    Hope one day I will give you (with a clear conscience) A+ from Writing! But it will be probably after long way of criticism. :-)

  6. island: no, I wasn’t actually thinking about yours :)

    If you write a story about English history (the funny queen and so on) similar to the one you wrote about Polish, I won’t be searching anywhere else :) Not many Polish people are familiar with English history so it could our chance to see why the heck, in 2009, you are still a Kingdom :)

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