Corruption in Polish football – update


After the resolution of their disputes with UEFA, FIFA, etc, the Polish football association has been quietly getting on with the job of dealing with corruption. Judging by today’s snippet from Poland AM they are making such good progress that they are running out of referees!!

Corruption crackdown nets fifth top league soccer ref

The corruption scandals in domestic football are becoming a widespread problem. Yesterday the Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA) detained referee Piotr P., who is the fifth Extra-Klasa league referee to face jail this season. The scale of corruption is so huge that the football leagues are running out of referees. The Polish Football Association (PZPN) could employ referees from abroad, however, it prefers to take less experienced referees from the lower leagues. So far the anti-corruption investigation in the domestic football league, which was launched in 2005, has resulted in the detention of almost 200 people. (Dziennik, p. 9) A.K.

If it is anything like the English Premier League, I’ll bet using referees from the lower leagues is creating a whole new set of problems, that of dodgy decision making.

2 thoughts on “Corruption in Polish football – update

  1. Do you want ot know what is happening in Poland’s idiot little brother, Lithuana?

    Well, to start with Zalgiris Vilnlius, the biggest club in the capital, is virtually bankrupt. All the players and staff have left, being owed many week’s pay. The problem is that the owner is, er, in prison in Moscow on charge of smuggling scrap metal worth millions to the EU. He is therefore not well-placed to put together a last minutes rescue package.

    The LFF, the football federation, has expelled the club from the top league to the second.

    That’s not all, FBK Kaunas and Atlanta Klaipeda have now resigned from the top league (the A League) and will now play in the third divisios )(the II league) in the 2009 season.

    They resigned in protest againt the, to put it simply, activities of LFF President Varanavicius. Aparently Kaunas backer Vladimiras Romanovas (owner of Hearts in Edinburgh) has has a major falling out with his prodigy Varanavicius.

    You see, Varanavicius earned his spurs at Romanoavas’ bank, UKio BAnkas Varanavicius was previusly pesident of that bank too, and the two have fallen out for some unreported reason.

    Stil with me?

    The upturn is that Lithuania second, third and fourth strongest teams have left the top eight-team league, leaving three teams form the second division, to be promoted. AS a result, tope division games will now be played in front of crowds of about 100 on what, to put in kindly, are school playing fields.

  2. Wow, Richard, that really does sound like fun!

    Thanks for the insight into Lithuania’s Premier League. I did wonder why I hadn’t heard of Kaka moving to Zalgiris Vilnlius.

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