Warsaw NatureWatch update

Welcome to spring in Warsaw!

Just when you thought it was safe to put all those snow moving tools back in the garage, you wake up on the 5th day of spring to find this:

The only saving grace of this morning was spotting what I’m fairly sure was a female Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus (Krogulec).


My first impression was of a Kestrel but this was not hovering over an open field, it was being extremely nimble between trees close to our entrance door. It shot from one tree to another, appeared to grab something off a branch and then did a very tight U-turn and shot off again. It was fairly large for a Sparrowhawk but the females are larger anyway. I didn’t see anything large in its beak as it passed me so I think the red squirrel and other birds were unharmed. Maybe it tried for a smaller bird and missed, there were a few of them around this morning enjoying the refilled peanut feeder.


8 thoughts on “Warsaw NatureWatch update

  1. Oh no this rotten weather. I heard about it from my cousin in Poland on Skype message she left me this morning. And always about two days later we get this over here. Montana got hit with tons of snow. What is going on here. Didn’t anyone tell Mother Nature it is “Spring”

    Your bird looks alot like the red tail hawk that landed on my patio a while back. We have peregrine falcons here that have nested at Kodak Tower till they fenced it off. (they say they are repairing tower but hasn’t happened yet) Mariah has come back this spring trying to get to her nest and is trying to chew her way in. Hoepfully she accepts one of the new nests they set up on some of the other tall bldgs close by.

  2. I hate to tell you this news Scatts but it was almost 60 today…..my mom even went for a spacer (she is in a nursing home and this was her 1st day out) :)

  3. Chris,

    yesterdays news of the day was that the 1st stork came back to Mazury!!! :D

    On the page:


    you can name your own stork and help them in this way build the nest not on the electrical column which is danger to them.

    I created stork female called Białopiórka.
    She has not yet family. 0 dzieci i zero wnuków. 0 kids and zero grandchildren. If you create your own, perhaps we create her family? ;)

  4. You’ve probably seen this before, but we had one in our garden back in the UK sometime ago. This one has a pigeon under its talons. I managed to grab my camera and take a few shots while it tucked in to its lunch. A beautiful bird and quite rare to see one.


    I’m off to the UK tomorrow morning for a week, so I hope the weather is a little warmer there. Though I doubt it!

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