Złota 44 – front page news!

The last update was about a month ago and I expressed some surprise that the project was still going strong. Well, it seems the surprise might have been justified as the project was the main feature on the front page of the Gazeta Wyborcza Warsaw edition this morning. The gist of the article is that it’s all gone pear-shaped, lots of money owed to a range of people, negotiations underway to try and save the project but an official announcement next week might bring an end to the skyward thrusting we have become used to. If you need English you can try the Google translation service, which will give you fun paragraphs like these:

– I had a contract until the end of construction – say the operator of one of the lifts. On Friday, told us that we have to build the last Friday of the ceiling. On Saturday we heard that for the time being taken for future work. Monday 70 percent crew is not there already on the site. No one we do not officially announced anything, but it is obvious that the construction is.

Staff provided Orco yesterday that there is no question that high-rise has become a concrete ogryzkiem szpecącym the city center. Admitted, however, that soon will be removed with a crane. They claimed that due to technical reasons only.

I’m guessing that the untranslated phrase “ogryzkiem szpecącym” is something akin to what in English would be a “White Elephant”. Definitions of which include;

white elephant

1. a possession unwanted by the owner but difficult to dispose of: Our Victorian bric-a-brac and furniture were white elephants.
2. a possession entailing great expense out of proportion to its usefulness or value to the owner: When he bought the mansion he didn’t know it was going to be such a white elephant.

Fairly appropriate methinks!

So, prediction sadly come true that they would ruin our view before they stopped work!! We shall await further news by way of official announcements next week. In the meantime we might try to help by coming up with a few ideas on what use could be made of a concrete skeleton in downtown Warsaw? The majority of what has been built is, I think, car parking and God knows Warsaw could do with more of that! My vote goes for the city buying it to use as a car park meaning they don’t need to dig up Emilii Plater to create parking spaces there and can therefore improve that street more quickly than planned.



5 thoughts on “Złota 44 – front page news!

  1. Nobody mentioned this today – what an exciting development! (the news – not the building)

    Maybe a forced sale to a foreign investor with a fancy for Libeskind buildings, a drastic reduction in apartment prices and a few fat, juicy incentives and they may stand a chance of flogging off some apartments.

    Reckon they’ll make 15 storeys? (+ car parking of course)

  2. I guest the owners of this 30% sold apartaments are not sleeping tonight. Actually, you could expect it, although I know some people who thought this will be a visible sign of recession in PL ;)

  3. Seems like the GW article was more speculation than fact. Although I do not disagree that construction could stop due to a potential inability to receive credit. Orco denies the stoppage and states construction is going according to plan, referring to the lack of construction workers. Seems like it’s getting ready to install some RCS system, which will speed up construction in the future. They did confirm that they will be taking down a crane, according to plan.


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