Happy Birthday Zosia!


It is early evening now and if I can remember well enough it was at about this time six years ago that my wife and I were driving down the Wisłostrada on our way to the hospital with the intention of giving birth to Zosia sometime soon! The first ‘serious’ contractions had started just as we got into the car so the journey was an interesting one. M had been at the hospital a few hours earlier for a regular check-up and discovered to her surprise that it was all happening down there. She called me and then went home to pack, I joined her and we set off for the hospital. By the time we arrived at the hospital, M was already dilated enough to pass a small melon and so it all went, thankfully, very quickly and very smoothly from there on. The official due-date was 19th March and Zosia was eventually born at around 8pm on 18th, so she was a very punctual baby.

I’m moved to come over all nostalgic about the birth partly because one of my team at work is expecting their second child to be born tomorrow. The similarities are quite spooky; their child is a girl like Zosia, birthday will be give or take the same date, the name is Marta like my wife and like Zosia she is being born at a time of trouble, in the case of my colleague this damned recession, in Zosia’s case the start of the invasion of Iraq. I remember well standing in the hospital room with our new born child watching the explosions in Baghdad on the TV and wondering what kind of world this was to bring a child into!

Anyway, she arrived, she grew quickly from her tiny 2 kilo weight and now stands here a six year old “big girl” holding her new giant mouse!

Apparently, the first five years are the most important ones in terms of development. If you do a good job in these years, the likelihood is that your child will go on to become a well balanced, happy, confident, intelligent, independent and generally “good” adult. It’s too late to change anything now and there wasn’t a user manual provided that we could have followed so I hope to goodness we got it about right.



10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Zosia!

  1. ♫•:*¨`*:•♫♫♫ ღ Happy Birthday To U Zosia ღ ♫♫•:*¨`*:•♫

    Please wish Zosia a HB from me and thank you for sharing the photos over the years so we could enjoy watching her grow up to be the little “Princess” she is. Wishing you all your hearts desire and many many more B’Days. -^..^= Sto Lat

  2. Very Happy Birthday! Zosia is becoming a schoolgirl now, and that is quite challenging!

    what does she have on her head? are those pyjama trousers? I used to wear it acting as it was a long hair ;) ;) ;)

  3. Thanks for the good wishes!

    The thing on her head is actually her poncho. She thought it looked good, might actually be related to hair as she recently had a shorter haircut that she’s still coming to terms with. ;)

  4. I can make it 10% if you want me too ;)

    Thanks for that – thought she was five! I did read it but came back to comment later when I was logged in on auto. Serve me right.

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