Only in England….

….would you find people who knit jumpers for chickens!

Jane Blaine, of Eynsham, said when a friend first asked her to knit jumpers for chickens she thought it was a joke.

And I can’t say I blame her. Mind you, she does have a history in this ancient art having previously made coats for dogs!

One thing you can be sure of, when it comes to the welfare of animals the UK is in a league of its own.

Google Images shows this is not an isolated case – every hit for “chicken jumpers” is from the UK. Fact!!!


7 thoughts on “Only in England….

  1. You see what happens when England gets a little snow? People start to worry about their chickens. Or is this another result of the recession? Desperate times call for desperate business ideas!

    All the same, I’m sure the wool is of eggcelent quality.

  2. Oh Oh they just may have started a new fashion craze. unfortunately living in the city I have no chickens to knit for…..but maybe can convert to a kitty sweater =^..^=

  3. What a great idea – one of my chooks is a late moulter this year and was looking quite bald when the snow came – might get her a coat. Great for recovering exbattery chooks too while they wait for their feathers to grow.
    Chickens are not a native bird to the UK, they are a domestic creature kept for our convenience: they were not designed to cope with our winters and their wild ancestors come from much warmer climes. Our dog family includes a x-breed sled dog who does not need a coat and pants happily in the snow, the whippet however, shivers lots but enjoys going out if she has her coat. Just because it lives in the UK doesn’t mean it’s designed to live with our weather ;o)

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