Links between recession and violence?

With a deepening recession, depression, there are many who fully expect war to be the next natural stage of evolution. Is this as silly as it sounds, I wonder?


Today I’m reading the news about 10-15 (depending on where or when you get your news) people killed by a mad gunman near Stuttgart in Germany.

Yesterday I read the news about the Alabama shooting spree leaving another 10 dead and many wounded. In addition to the victims of course, you have to feel sorry for the word “spree”, who’s happy and innocent meanings of “a lively frolic or outing” or “a bout of indulgence (with nice things like eating or shopping)” are fast losing ground to the far more negative aspect delivered by the overused “shooting spree”.

Meanwhile, the news continues to roll in from Sri Lanka where the Tamil Tigers’ latest campaign of terror adds hundreds of innocent victims to the bodycount in recent days.

Earlier this month there was the attacking of the Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan by 12 gunmen also armed with grenades and rocket launchers leaving seven dead and another seven injured.

On top of all that we have the surprising resurgence of killings in Northern Ireland.

Two attacks in three days shows a determination to keep killing but, at present, there is no evidence that dissident republicans have the ability to sustain the same intensity of violence perpetrated by the Provisional IRA for three decades.

It is actually well known and therefore expected that this recession will lead to a greater incidence of violence on a smaller scale – domestic violence, drug abuse, theft and other such crimes – but is it a coincidence, or do the incidents reported above point to a very real connection between recession/pessimism and violence/terror/war?

Fasten your seat belts!


2 thoughts on “Links between recession and violence?

  1. MG…sad but true and has been since the beginning of time and probably will be till the end of time. My mom went through WWII. It’s a crazy world and lots of crazies out there. No one seems to learn from the past and it just keeps repeating itself.

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