Warsaw naturewatch update

As I was shooing a few poachers from the grounds the other day I noticed a small bird I’d not seen before. It started near the base of a tree trunk and worked it’s way up, clinging on in a similar fashion to a woodpecker but much smaller. When it had done a couple of metres climb it flew off to another tree and repeated the process. It had a distinctive white belly and was quite rotund in shape – fat body, thinning at head and tail. As far as I can tell this must have been a Treecreeper, Certhia familiaris. This is a bird I’ve not spotted before so that’s another tick in the book!


Meanwhile, back at the arboretum, there were these tree fellers felling trees! Boom boom! (Irish joke) Yes, they are STILL felling trees, chopping them up and taking them away. This is exciting because it’s happening just over our back fence;

(us on the right, tree felling on the left)

Curiosity was such that we wandered over there today and asked them what they were up to, and who for. Seems that the land belongs to the Bruhl Palace, previously mentioned, and the new owner is busy creating a “magic glade” cascading down from the palace (on high ground to the left in the first photo below) to what we know as ‘mosquito pond’. To achieve the desired effect he’s got a gang in to clear things up a little. They’ve even got a little red tractor!

If we can get a message to the new owner we hope to persuade them to also invest in a few tins of DDT to lob into the pond and make the water completely unsuitable for mosquito breeding. It won’t spoil the view but it will save me a lot of splatting come spring/summer. That’s assuming the mosquito, bastards every one of them, have remembered where we live.

Anyway, when the work is finished and it has all recovered and greened up a bit it should make the view out back a lot prettier. Also make it a bit more secure when they fence the area off. I am slightly concerned though about what effect all this churning might have had on our resident family of pine marten / mink / otter because that’s the direction they came from. Have to wait and see if they return this spring I suppose.


7 thoughts on “Warsaw naturewatch update

  1. MG, thanks for that. Sorry your comment got held up by the system. I think it must be when there are a lot of links in the comment.

    So. Kowalik is a Nuthatch and we do have those in the garden but I know them well so this bird was not one of them.


    I’m pretty certain it was a treecreeper, which seems to be called a Pełzacz Leśny judging by most of the photos on Google. The only differences between the one I saw and the details in the books is that I didn’t register such a long tail and the back was more uniform (brown) in colour. Might have been a juvenile perhaps.

  2. And I’ve just started to think “Scatts will control my writing before the others will see it”. :D
    Look what guest is doing and Bogusław too. Some of us must be from the very suspicion nation! ;)

  3. Scatts…got any storks in your trees. I should go check stork cam to see if they have returned to their nests.

  4. Too early for Storks, Chris. Another month or so and we’ll see if there are any near us. I suspect not though as I haven’t seen any good looking nesting sites and there’s not many fields to go frog hunting in either!

  5. Thanks Scatts…I was looking for my bookmark and in Google search I see there is a camera in my aunts town which I was not aware of. (Czechowice- Dzied) Usually I go to the site http://www.bociany.kalinski.pl I just read that a massacre occurred of 200 storks in Saudi Arabia that were electrocuted in entanglement of wires. How sad. :(

  6. Storks don’t like frogs very much, they eat them only when they can’t find some better food (insects, snails)!

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