BasinBoy and his official photographer.

He was at it again, this time in the guest toilet! It sure is hard to keep this animal away from the porcelain.

And before you ask, no, I wasn’t engaged in any ‘activities of a toilet variety’ at the time!


8 thoughts on “BasinBoy and his official photographer.

  1. I know, Michael, cheap journalism at its best!!

    At least I haven’t resorted to pictures of Doda yet!

    Truth is I’ve been struggling for other inspiration recently. Only had two sparks and put both of those on Polandian.

    (PS – peaked at 436 the other day, an all time high!) ;)

  2. Michael,

    You are right!
    Scatts behaves like politicians. He is showing us children, animals to attrackt our attention and make his image cuter and nicer.
    I’m waiting for the photos with Scatts kissing the hand of pope (I know – that’ll be the day!) :D or some authority (perhaps Dalajlama?) we had less and less (like śp. Mother Theresa or Gandhi).
    But I propose him to show us some flowers or beautiful landscapes first! hahaha

  3. This photo session seems to have been arranged:) Why would Nelson do that and how much did he pay you, S-cat-ts?:)

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