Nelson’s “Green Period”

Cats like to be warm so Nelsonic decided the top of the radiator in the sunshine was where he’d like to take a nap….

He woke up and struck a classic cat pose…

…adjusted the thermostatic valve, upwards of course…

…and went back to the important task of attacking the venetian blinds!

That done, he shot off to find somewhere warmer.


8 thoughts on “Nelson’s “Green Period”

  1. I had got* only 2 cats in my life, so I’m not very good specialist in cats behaviour, but in my opinion Nelson need sth to tear off his claws.
    We made the cat’s toy to play from the old bobbin and the piece of string.

    *Some people say that cats have got us in the opposite to dogs. In the other words: the dog is “thinking” “Oh! How good is the lord/pan to me! He gives me bones, meat etc. He have to be GOD”.
    The cats is thinking: “The lord/pan is giving to me milk, meat etc. I have to be GOD for him”!

  2. I’m afraid I treat all animals the same – “I’m the boss and the sooner you understand that the better for all of us!!”. Nelson seems to understand but keeps trying me out. Cats generally are less inclined to take orders, behave the way you want them to, than are dogs. This is slightly annoying because even we humans have to conform to certain standards of behaviour so it’s not like we’re expecting more from them than we do ourselves. When I want Nelson to stop climbing on the birthday table and throwing the cutlery on the floor and knocking over the wine glasses then I DAMN WELL EXPECT HIM TO LISTEN – for example. He did it three times, the last time I shut him in the toilet until I was ready to let him out. And don’t try to tell me he’s just a poor likkle cat. He knew exactly what he was doing. ;)

    The stupid thing is that everyone loves him more than I do and yet he keeps wanting to be koochie-koochie with me versus anyone else.

  3. because he understands that you are the boss! all animals like to have someone in charge. my two pugs are my maiden dogs, and I used to sleep with them in one bed. they were my girlfriends! everytime I sat on the couch they were there to jump on my knees. my husband is not a dog lover – he prefers cats. so, he keeps our pugs quite short -no sleeping in one bed allowed, no jumping on the couch. he is very short with them, and yet guess who the boss is?
    they are deeply in love with someone who at last took control. this is all animals expect.

    and really: Nelson is dying cute! I wish I had him. if you will plan longer holidays, I can sacrifice and take him to us!

  4. I grew up with that green in our kitchen (until I moved aged 9)! I haven’t seen it since.

    Lovely colour for the photos.

  5. Scatts,

    what is koochie-koochie? Nelson is showing you his attention and is extra nice to you?
    I agree that cats are more independence than dogs.
    My animals loves me or likes me, because I’m the main person who is playing and wandering with them, but I don’t tolerate them in my bad or table. There are books “how to speak f.e. to dogs in their language”, but I haven’t read any yet, only some summary.

    Sounds reasonable!

  6. Scatts…..Nelson is just letting you think you are the boss.(but you are entitled to your beliefs) My sister and brothers GF both have cat dancers (long pole with a string attached to what looks like folded paper, sold in all pet stores) The cats love those things and can play with it for hours.

    MG…tearing off claws…that sounds very painful =^..^=
    Some people don’t believe in declawing their kitties. Recently I heard there are caps they glue on cat’s nails so they don’t scratch up everything.

    Check out on Youtube “mean kitty” these are some funny videos if you like cats.

  7. MG…the video is actually called mean kitty =^..^= a whole series of one cat by his owner

    Scatts…me thinks Nelson is really getting ready for St Paddy’s Day and thinking of some green treats. After all he is British which is closer to Ireland.

    Has anyone read or heard of Dewey the library cat (true story) Maybe Nelson would like to meet some of his feline friends. :D

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