Kitchen window thermometer

Well it is another beautiful day here in Warsaw, Venice of the North! We always have a good idea what the weather is like by looking out of our kitchen window. Not that we have a thermometer hanging out there but because we can see the weight and type of traffic going along the path to the park.

Standing at the window is very similar to those duck shooting games you get at the fair. In fact, I really should buy a rifle, it could be a lot of fun!


In the deep winter traffic was restricted to a couple of hardy (lunatic?) joggers and equally few dog walkers. When a good layer of snow was on the ground it got busier because the Nordic skiers came out for a slide around the park. In the midst of summer the cyclists swarm past as well as the walkers, dog walkers, joggers and baby pram pushers. Today the sunshine has tempted more walkers than we’ve seen for a long time to venture forth and join the usual gang of passers-by. I do have a suspicion though that a rehabilitation hospital has parked a coach somewhere nearby, emptied the patients and told them where the park is because we’ve had an unusually high level of people with sticks and walks that come straight off Fawlty Towers. There was one lady where we really weren’t sure if she was jogging or dancing!

Anyway, nice to see the end of these things hanging from our entrance vestibule roof. Hopefully they won’t be back until next January.

Photographic comment, Can you capture sunshine best with black and white or colour? I took this one of a Birch (I think) in the garden with the sun reflecting off the silver bark. I think it gives some idea of sunshine but not as much as I’d like.

Was watching with interest, yesterday, a treasure hunter at work with his metal detector on the slopes at the rear leading from “mosquito pond” up to the Bruhl palace. They have been very busy for a week or so now culling the tree population back there and this guy was painstakingly detecting around all the areas where they had uprooted trees. Sensible behaviour for a treasure hunter I suppose, maybe he found the missing pot of Bruhl gold!

They even came around the nearest side of “mosquito pond” and chopped the one that was leaning somewhat in our direction. Probably not a bad move, in fact the whole thing was a good idea because it was getting a bit ungainly in there.

Be interesting to know who is responsible for doing this work. I’m assuming the local ‘council’ and the land is park of Młociny park but I could be wrong. What with this and the mass tree-execution required for the new bridge, this area is something of a killing field for trees recently so – a moment’s silence please!

Enjoy the sunshine, wherever you are! :)


2 thoughts on “Kitchen window thermometer

  1. You will not have integrated into Polish society until you have a thermometer outside your window. Go on, toss aside your English desires to make light small talk about the weather, and plunge into the deepwater of earnest, scientific European conversations about the sypoptic situation!

  2. Scatts,

    you have the same intention like one of my colleague. She said once: “I need the colt to shot some clients”. :D But if you will treated the walkers like ducks, you will lost the purpose of standing in the windows!!! :D

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