For Marta – Ly XXXxxxxx


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Princess,
Happy Birthday to you!

I have to call her princess because my ‘R’ isn’t good enough to say her name properly!! :)

11 thoughts on “For Marta – Ly XXXxxxxx

  1. …and a very happy birthday from us too Marrrta :)
    p.s. one of the best pictures I’ve seen of Ian in a long time. Did you get a new camera for your birthday?

  2. Scatts,

    you’d better go to new opened Valentino and buy her that bag she wanted. I hope she will be less green then! ;)

  3. I seemed to remember a pair or two of new shoes (Minolo Blanak ) being wished for . Will go nice with a new handbag for sure. =^..^=

  4. No Chris,

    I’m not from the Big Apple, I’m from the smaller, but older (that’s not means more wrinkled) apple – Kraków.
    I say more: “My leg will not stand on the NYC ground (or other americans), because I won’t beging for the visa and the perspective of leaving my fingerprints are also not so inviting. If I M a criminal I M the first sort criminal, not just common!

    From where I heard of Manolo Blahnik or Valentino’s new opened store?
    I’ve just from the early morning tracking the hot life of best americans products like Paris Hilton and other stars and celebrities who are nothing doing for the humankind, but are in the front of news instead of f.e. scientists who should be real example for young people.

    About “Valentino opens” (and his wife desire) wrote Scatts on Polandian.

    Chris look to “Ballet lessons” again, I left you some question there.

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