Cat therapy

Earlier today, Nelson made a bid for freedom and escaped out the front door, down the entrance hall and into the garage. The garage door was open but instead of going for the great outdoors he chose to hide under Marta’s car like a big scaredy-cat wimp. When I eventually got him back into the house we had a little chat about life and garages and things and he told me that he’s starting to feel a little boxed in being stuck in the house the whole time.

“You think this is boxed in?” I exclaimed, “You’ve got the run of the place, you even have more of it to play with than we do because we can’t hide under the kitchen units or climb up the side of the larder shelving or sleep in the bidet or anything like that!”. He saw my point but nevertheless remained a little distant and moody.

I went to Makro to top up on various things including Zosia’s current favourite breakfast cereal and when I’d unpacked everything I had an idea.

“Nelsonic, my old chum. Chodz!”

“What now, oh wobbly one! Can’t you see I was busy checking how big my gonads are getting lately?”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re a real macho cat these days. Anyway, thinking about your boxed in issue, why not jump in here and you can see what it really feels like. Good idea eh?”

Nelson was so impressed with the idea that he made that cat noise equivalent of “Eat my shorts!” and ran away. I eventually cornered him in the bathroom and carried him back promising a fresh pack of Whiskas Junior if he sits in the box for 30 seconds. He agreed.

I’m not sure he really got the point of the exercise.


7 thoughts on “Cat therapy

  1. There’s an ungrateful Moggy if ever there was one! Mind you, Scatts, seeking gratitude from Nelson is likely to be a life long quest and, as I know that you’ve just past your 50th, just how long do you think you can devote to the task! I would put it on a par with knitting mercury. :-) A word to the wise, however re emerging gonads….. Gerremoff! ASAP! This may not stop Nelson trying to sample the delights of Warsaw night life, but it will ensure that he doesn’t become a proud daddy to several thousand strays! Oscar, our 17 year old sends Nelson a comradely purr, but sorrowfully admits that he said goodbye to his sphericals a good while ago!

  2. I love your way of story telling. I remember reading the beginning of a story (pretty sure it was you) and still waiting to hear more of it…about Babcia. Or the book you are supposed to be writng….?????

  3. Nelson is deliberately NOT getting the point of the exercise. He is, however, plotting damage to those Venetians you have entrapped on your windows.

  4. Thanks Chris! Sorry to leave you hanging on a babcia story but I can’t remember what it was about now. The book is coming along, in my head at least! :)

    Violet, he’s already discovered that running headlong at the blinds and then headbutting them is a good way to get my attention.

  5. We say: “Kupić kota w worku”/ “To buy a cat in the sack”, what means: “to buy sth, you haven’t see/try before you bought it, to buy in the blind”.

    Nelson is seeming to tell you Scatts: “Don’t buy the cat in the box”, though there’s written on that box: “Promocja”/ Promotion! or “Don’t put me to a jail”. In polish: “to put sb to a prison”=”wsadzić kogoś do pudła”=to put sb to a box”
    in short words
    zapuszkować kogoś=”caned sb”
    zapudłować=”boxed sb”

  6. My sisters cat Cleo, new little siamese kitten, likes grabbing the blind pulls in her mouth and then thinks she is Tarzan…only she doesn’t go flying through the air…the blinds come crashing down.

    Nelson is looking out the window planning his escape route. The blinds are to throw you off track what he really is thinking =^..^=

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