Nelson – more relaxed

Nelson showing his cuter side while falling asleep on my belly! I think he sees it as something akin to a king size water-bed for cats. ;)


13 thoughts on “Nelson – more relaxed

  1. Wow, the cuteness factor of your blog is increasing daily! You may have to preface posts with a warning for those hardened, cynical crimimal-type readers like me.

    Really, though, your cat and your family are completely darling, simply adorable. Enjoy your Sunday. I’m off to the Windy City this afternoon, finally. Goodbye (for now), Europa….

  2. Usually tha cats lie on the place which are ill.
    They poses power to cure it. So, there’s very good to caress them. Dogs haven’t got these kind of miracle in their fur, they have got these power in their saliva, but I had never let any of my dog to lick me or even to encourage to do it. blee
    By the way: Do you, Scatts, judge that beeing plump is bad?
    I always prefered “miƛkowaty” or “misiowaty”/bearish guy. They usually are much more warm than stick one.

  3. I’ve heard this thing about cats lying on ill places before. If that’s the case then I’m ill in every place my cat finds to lie on me which includes – stomach, legs, chest, neck……… must find a doctor, quick!

  4. Never heard of the cat power only the dog’s saliva but I think I also read somewhere a dog can smell out people with disease. (like cancer). I use to let my dog kiss me and lick me. My mom use to get skeeved out but I didn’t care. He was so cute (now in puppy heaven) He was a miniature silver poodle.

  5. Scatts,

    so thank God that Nelson haven’t yet sitting on your head! :D
    The place the cat is choosing must be repeatable and always the same (and more often chosen than others).


    you are right with the dogs used to cancer detection. The scientist are using also rats to similar things.

    But I’m disappointed you haven’t made this time the sign of cat. I observe it in your performance very often lately. :D

    But how to make a mouse?
    =^>? =?

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