Fun in the snow

Part of Zosia’s entertainment programme for the day was to get out in the snow.

We filled up the bird feeders

Went for a walk cum sleigh-ride

Made a few angels

and got buried in a snow bank

While we were doing all that, the three wise dwarf snowmen were on their way to visit the giant snow-octopus!


18 thoughts on “Fun in the snow

  1. Boy do these photos jar my memory banks or what. I use to love to play in the snow for hours and made snow angels like Zosia. We use to fall from the railing of my friends porch (was very very low to the ground) backwards and make them. But today if I see snow flakes you don’t see me till Spring =^..^= Now is Zosia able to get up on her own with the snowsuit. I’m thinking of the movie A Christmas Story. My mom use to pile so many layers on us we were like turtles on our backs if we fell down.

  2. Feeding birds – I support !!!

    Snow angels – we did the same as kids. Only difference – we called it orzeł=eagle.

  3. Zosia is able to get up because I dressed her British style and not po polsku. In other words, she was able to withstand temperatures down to -10 for 3 hours as opposed to -30 for a week and a half! :)

    The birds were feasting this morning. They’d need to dig down quite a way to find the ground after all this recent snow.

  4. Scatts,

    how did you find it out that I’m blueeyed and rose (lately rather “pale like the dead on holiday” (or the phantom of the opera”) :D, as my mother says)? (You must be a prophet, I repeat it again!) And even in the face I find some similarity, I’m maybe much more like “the horse who is speaking”, but the face is really quite oval. I’m only not very often showing my tongue. (But not because of good manners, but rather because of frost!) hahaha

  5. Aha, at last I understand what you’re all talking about!!

    He He.

    Yes, I will come up with a new post soon, sorry for the delay but work’s been busy and I’ve just been diagnosed with ‘acute bronchitis’ so I’m a bit under the weather as well. Ahhhh.

  6. Hey, I’m just posting to find out what I turn out to look like.
    Great to see someone enjoying the snow – all we need now is one of those days where spring arrives with a heat wave, as we had quite a few years ago now, when it dried up in one day leaving no mud. Bliss.

  7. Well this morning my Weatherbug said 54F (heatwave) but that ended fast as it just dropped 20 degrees and rainy which made me wake up with a nasty sinus headache.

    I hope your feeling better soon Scatts but if your still smoking ………..STOP!!!!!!

    I hear more birds singing outside my windows so that is a sure sign of Spring on its way. (usually its those darn welfare birds…pigeons) My flower plansts inside are blooming. Perks me right up. :)

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