Ballet lessons

Normally, parents are not allowed to watch but in December they had an open day so I managed to get a few shots.

After the ballet they have another dancing lesson where they perfect a version of “Singing in the Rain”.


8 thoughts on “Ballet lessons

  1. Zosia was making very good ballet position. She is keeping herself so straight and the head high, but not too. Just in proper way. After all she has the best legs. ;-)

    And the teacher is lizard?! Or the inscription on her back is just saying to the young adepts of ballet: “You have to be so flexible as lizard”. :D

  2. Zosia is really graceful and charming girl.
    She as a fairy had to be truly surprised that her father is kind of ogre making “pyrk, pyrk”! hahaha

  3. MG…I told my mom that story when I went to visit her at the nursing home recently. Now everyone in the nursing home knows also… She thought it was quite funny too. (of course she being older now manages a few herself which amuses me…..ROFL) :D

  4. Ah! You understood what “pryk” means in polish! :D

    My mum used to say “What this old pryk wants from that young girl?”, always when she saw some old lovelas type attacking young girl.

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