Some pictures from my trip

I mentioned the flying fridge they called a scheduled airline service. Here’s the snow swept airfield the plane was standing in all night with the orange snow-plough fighting a losing battle to clear the ground. When landing back at Okęcie the runway looked exactly like this picture, a blanket of drifting snow. I was convinced we were about to slide off the runway, topple over on the grass, fire, explosions, death, injury, sirens………………but it was okay.

And here’s the plane itself with the ground crew asking the pilot if he can afford to have the snow and ice removed by the chemical blasters or he’d just rather risk take-off without it…

Our office is downtown Budapest so I managed to snatch a distant view of the “large fancy building with the funky green tiled roof”, whatever it is, it’s hard to miss;

It struck me this trip that Budapest is a town of very busy pavements. There’s an awful lot going on between road and buildings – far too many bollards although thankfully not red and white ones, cycle lanes, tall & round Parisian style advertising things, phone boxes, pylons for cables, rubbish bins, road signs……..

There is in fact so much going on that my taxi driver back to Fairy-Hangy airport was distracted enough not to see that the traffic in front had stopped. He hit the brakes on his Skoda very hard and just managed to skid to a stop before tail-ending the guy in front. Unfortunately, the lady in the car behind was not so fast on the brakes and slammed straight into the back on my taxi with a pretty loud thud! Thinking that was the end of my flight I sat in the back waiting for the formalities and was amazed when 2 minutes later he got back in and off we went. Looks like these things are easier in Hungary than they are here. I can attest that Skoda’s have very tough, or very rubbery, rear bumpers because apart from the odd scratch the guys taxi was unharmed!

What has not changed in Budapest is the slow deterioration of the city by the effects of weathering and zero maintenance to the façades. Here’s the building opposite our office, red circles showing the extent of the damage. Not the worst example of its kind by any means, just the nearest to me at the time.

Mind you, here’s the view from hotel bedroom in Prague. Not much better!

There is something just as strange about façades in Budapest as there is about roads in Warsaw. They are both in a ruinous state and nothing seems to get done to fix them. I’m sure both are blamed on the weather.

Pictures taken with the Canon G9.

9 thoughts on “Some pictures from my trip

  1. I agree. I am still reminded of flight 3407 which was about 40 minutes drive from me. I hate flying but love the destinations. Glad you made it back safely.

  2. What’s the economy like there? The noise on the ground – abject panic or stoicism, or somewhere in between? Are the Hungarian media screaming about the plunging forint, dithering politicians or about their favourite celeb’s latest romance?

  3. Hey neighbor! Are there any Polish restaurants or more importantly, butchers that you would recommend in Rochester? I am very sad to say thing are petering out in Buffalo. Right now we go to St Catherine’s, Ontario where there are excellent meats to be had. And bread that I would smack my Momma to get.

  4. DC…..I go to Polska Chata. It is a restaurant, deli It is small nothing fancy but I think the food is great.

    Then there is the European Deli. Just imported stuffs from Toronto. They have beer, meats, breads and polish pastries along with imported Polish foods which are canned or bottled or packaged.

    I am surprised to hear that Buffalo petring out as you said. That is a very large Polish population there. Breads are good but nothing like what you get in Poland. They just don’t make it like they use to. Also I grew up in Utica and there is Hapanowicz there that is excellent. Think if we beg hard enough Scatts will send us a care pkg. :)

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