I should go away more often

I’ve been away for a couple of days to Budapest and Prague. Budapest snowy, Prague cold. I’ll post a bit more tomorrow perhaps but it was just a regular business trip. Very happy that all three flights worked perfectly despite the poor weather. Worst flight, almost inevitably, was the LOT flight to Budapest. After having got up at 05:00 to scrape ice and snow off my vehicle and get to the airport for a 07:30 flight, I was not really in the mood for a tin-pot propeller jobby that had been standing out all night. The thing was covered in snow and ice (not known for aiding flight) and the inside was like a fridge on high setting. Uncomfortable, cold, noisy. Malev to Prague and Czech Airlines back to Warsaw, much better. LOT have really gone downhill in recent years.

Anyway, the reason I should go away more often is that things thrive when I’m not here. The blog reached a new peak of visits for a day of 386 on Tuesday (well okay, I was still technically here then but it knew I was about to leave!) and we always pull in some new projects at work while I’m out, this time about €20,000 worth of work. Good results. So, you see, sometimes things work best if you just leave them alone.

Hotel tip of the day – K+K Hotel Central, Prague.

4 thoughts on “I should go away more often

  1. or maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder :D……by the way cold hit here today. Woke up to Siberian tundra. Thank you Warsaw snowing. =^..^=

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