No kissing allowed!

Here’s my fun news story of the day.


No kissing allowed at Warrington station – it blocks the platform.

Lovers hoping to bid each other an intimate farewell will no longer be able to do so in certain areas of Warrington Bank Quay train station after “no kissing” signs appeared following concerns that embracing couples were causing congestion. The signs were installed on Friday as part of a £1m refurbishment of the station and have divided the car park and taxi ranks into “kissing” and “no-kissing” zones.

I think the real story here though is the silhouettes they have chosen to represent the kissers. I wonder how many people in Warrington can relate to those shapes? Who are they – a Latin Dance instructor and an old fashioned gollywog? Hilda Ogden and Humphrey Bogart? Judging by the way their lips extend way beyond their faces, there’s a chance they could both belong to one of those African tribes that stretch their lips by inserting dinner plates and frisbees.

Only the UK could dream up such nonsense. It’s not April 1st is it?


15 thoughts on “No kissing allowed!

  1. No, this is the hairdresser and his customer in the very big rolls. So the sign is warning against connection work and pleasure and not to change work ethics.


    This warns that after fresh lips plastic surgeon you can’t kiss, because the collagen is melted and flew into tracks and the train gone into a skid and will be derailed. :D

  2. guest,

    why not 2 Africans? R all british expats black or british expats are usually dirty (in every word meaning)? :D

  3. guest,

    gold mine?, so he should be rather golded!
    In the coal mine – black miner!
    You are saying me fairy tails – I see the british expat digging hole in the earth tralalala. :D
    He is rather sitting on the chair and puting into the autochthons mind that they will find under his management the tons of gold which he change into $ Ł or Euros!

  4. Material Girl, i give up. You should write a book. I can not keep up with your commenting “activity” and “creativity”.

  5. aaaah – the sign seems quite asexual but clearly this sign warns that people wearing pork pie hats are not allowed to kiss people with curly hair – or perhaps those with their hair in curlers.

    It’s a mystery why they should be picked on specifically but there you go :)

  6. I’ve always found taxi ranks romantic places. Such a shame.

    Notice how the red line goes BEHIND the lovers. Does this mean that kissing IS allowed, or it’s NOT allowed. A little unclear I’d say.

    I think you could probably still get away with it on a technicality…

  7. They are obviously full of “Varrington Vodka” and it’s just the smell of each other’s breath that stopping their kissing.

  8. this realy was true, I live in warrington and everyone here thaught it was rediculous. eventualy the signs were stolen, unfartunatley this is also typical of warrington.

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