10 thoughts on “Nelson – 2 months later

  1. The flash doesn’t help but no, he is an evil cat! ;)

    That look is saying “So you leave me alone to be manhandled by the devil child! I’m going to remember this.”

  2. That’s one seriously pi**ed off cat! It’s definately an “I’m doing this for your amusement” kinda look.

    Does it flick it’s tail alot?

  3. wow! he is big! and adorable, despite (and maybe becuase) his devil look. he looks like an adult cat almost. his hair is kinda beige – blue. ohhh. we can we meet him ? ;)

  4. Oh boy…if looks could kill :D But he’s sooo cute. I kept saying oh, oh, oh, oh, oh !!!!!!!!!! =^..^= Thanks for posting the photos ….

  5. But from the other hand, longer I watch Nelson (especially pics. “in Zosia arms”) more I see some similarity to you Scatts.* :) Nelson seems to be quite plumpy on 2 last pics. I recommended both of you a lot of walking. :D ;)

    * There’s some theory that animal and his “owner” with the time are more resemble each other like in every good couple! :D

  6. Old and Fat? Ha! Join the club Bonny Lad!

    “B-Day” is 16th May for you know what, as discussed elsewhere… your invite is ready for posting……. ┬┐Es Posible? or No?


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