Phantom of the Opera / Upiór w operze

The Polish version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber / Richard Stilgoe musical “Phantom of the Opera” has been showing in Warsaw for very nearly a year now (premier was March 15th 2008 ) at the Musical Theatre Roma on ul. Nowogrodzka. Here’s a cartoon of a man who must be laughing about that all the way to the bank:


We went to see it yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. We enjoyed it so much, we even bought a programme.


For those who like to compare prices, the tickets cost 75 PLN each (21 USD, 16 EUR, 15 GBP), the programme cost 20 PLN, a small bottle of water cost 4 PLN and the cloakroom attendant got 2 PLN. We were sat in row 3, a very short step from the orchestra pit. I’ll tell you what, that’s fantastic value! We saw Lion King in London a couple of years ago and I’m pretty sure that cost 75 GBP per ticket, five time more expensive and although very good, not five times better.

I’ve not seen Phantom before so I can’t compare this performance with others but we have seen almost everything done at Teatr Roma in the last 8 years and this is probably the best yet. They always do a good job and everything we’ve seen has been enjoyable – Cats, Miss Saigon, Pan Kleks, Grease, Dance of the Vampires. We need to see ‘Cohen’ and ‘My mum Janis’, then I think we have the full house.

I think what sets this slightly apart from other performances is the professionalism. There has certainly been more money spent on the sets and more time devoted to getting it right in every respect, sets, performances, music, lighting and it results in a musical that would happily grace the stage of a theatre anywhere in the world. Preferably ones with more comfortable seats!




The language doesn’t bother me really. I know the songs from having heard them many times before in English but the tunes still come through strongly and I can recognise enough Polish words that it doesn’t sound weird.

Zosia enjoyed it very much. Her “worst moment” was when the chandelier fell from the ceiling onto the stage, despite us telling her this was going to happen beforehand. Her “best moment” was when Christine kisses the ugly boy!

All in all, a good show and well worth going. Judging by the number of coaches parked outside there are plenty of people who agree and are coming from far and wide to see it. The sight of those coaches always makes me appreciate living so close to the centre.

If you’re tempted to visit the restaurant just a little further down Nowogrodzka while waiting for the theatre to open, don’t bother! It is the nearest, and as far as you can see the only, place to get refreshment close to the theatre but it is dire. Horrid food, worse service, dirty decor, it goes in my category of “mafia run” rubbish. The theory being that it only exists to launder money and so nobody really cares if it makes a profit or not. There are other places to go but you have to walk just a little further.


8 thoughts on “Phantom of the Opera / Upiór w operze

  1. Scatts,when have you ordered the tickets? I checked Roma’s website, and it seems like if all fri-sun shows were sold out until end of May!
    and BTW: give us some update on Nelson please. we all would like to see how is he growing and acting. my family miss our cat very much, and every glimps of Mickey-like gives us a lot of fun (last Thursday we watched first show on Desperate Housewives seson 5th,and our Mickey was there!)

  2. Marta ordered them and it was a long time ago, at least a month, perhaps two.

    Nelson is getting to be a big boy and spends so much time running around like a lunatic that it’s hard to get a photo. I’ll try harder though!

    Ballet lesson was good but my toes hurt this morning!

  3. Yes a Nelson update and ballet update Sir Tippy Toes :D

    We have a new kitty too. Cleo a blue point siamese. She is a cutie and very very friendly and loves to sit on your lap or laptop which ever is available. =^..^=

  4. Glad you enjoyed the show. FYI – wifey said Metro was excellent. Added advantage is that it has ballet in it – so you might pick up a few tips.

    Just for interest’s sake, where exactly do you buy size 47 ballet shoes??! I guess it’s not about looks, it’s the elegance of the pirouettes…!

    Remember you can post YouTube clips on here Scatts. Would love to see one!! :)

  5. Oh we are all very cultural this week. We have just got back from seeing We Will Rock You in London. Tickets of £48 easily available in advance for £29 so perhaps the crunch is hitting our theatres. Packed theatre so I won’t be feeling sorry for them anytime soon.

    Not seen phantom but would like too.

  6. yeller – ballet-shoes-R-us

    Kez – better prices than we got but then everything iun the UK is cheaper if you either book well in advance or go back a second time. Neither of them things that we want to or are able to plan from here when visiting as tourists. Rip off the tourists, good plan!

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